Saturday, 27 April 2013

Woman, Art Thou Sexually Active?

I have been told I am a naive somebodi and as much as I would love for only married women to answer 'Yes' to this, I am not that naive. The world has gone so mad that a group of teenage Year 11 girls are said to have paid some of their male classmates to  sleep with them. Why? Because, they did not want to go to University as virgins. THAT would just be so shameful! Can you believe that? I am praying it is just another Nigerian urban legend but sadly I suspect it is not. But that is a blog for another day, if ever. All I know is that many women, married and not married are sexually active.

Woman, art thou one of them?

If thou art, please when was your last pap smear? What kind of question is that? The kind of question that could save your life? If you are 21 years old and /or a sexually active woman you should have had a pap smear to be sure your cervix is healthy and not at risk of being attacked by cancer. I am not a Gynaecologist. All I am is a woman that has been scared to death by the prospect of being one more victim to the 'C' word. No, don't panic, That is not my portion and yes, I rejected it with all my spiritual might and God's report trumped the doctors BUT can you tell me why me, an intelligent woman, would wait till I was unwell to do the right thing. Get myself checked out fully?

Faith is not foolishness and just like wearing your seat belt, God has given us these tests to help us keep ourselves healthy. So even as you exercise your faith by covering yourself in the blood of Jesus Christ and claiming your wholeness and divine health bought by his stripes, please I am begging you, go get your pap smear done. Most of the women who die from cancer die because they found out too late. Early detection is the first 'cure'.

So dear woman, if thou art sexually active and have not or never had a pap smear, I beseech thee, go forth and submit thine self to one at once!

Once again, I can't shout o!

P. S.
Like I said, I know only what I have been told for myself. Most irregular results don't mean cancer. And even if evil cells turn up, they can be 'killed off' never to be seen again. BUT this is only if they are are caught early........ a word is enough for the wise woman who is sexually active. I found this link quite useful even though it did not say anything about being 'sexually active', the pamphlet I was given at my hospital did. The bottom line is if you are over 21 (sexually active or not) and have never had a pap smear, go get one done. Please. What is a Pap Smear?

Christian woman over 21, not yet  married, why art thou sexually active? Just asking. Being as thou art meant to be keeping thineself for thine marital bed?


  1. Thanks for this post.

    Hubby (who is a gynae by the way) has been after me since we had our 2nd child to go do it, been procastinating as usual. (I hate Push is gradually turning to shove, finally made up my mind to do it in May. Just a few minutes of (life-saving) discomfort..dat's all.

    1. Abiola, please listen to your hubby. I am so happy May is tomorrow. Lol!
      Thanks for ocming by!

  2. First time here....definitely coming back for more!

    These things are really important especially in this age where information is so readily available. ...the old KJV grammer

    1. Thanks Ogo Desh! I know. I enjoyed using it myself. Lol! I had my beloved Bishop TD Jakes, 'Woman, Thou art loosed' as my launch pad. Appreciate your visit!

  3. Good information sis. B. Love the way you presented it, lol. Thanks.

  4. Yes and yes…first time reader here. Paps are important and in the hands of an experienced doctor can be over in less than 5 mins ( My patient’s say I am super quick…lol). Ditto on the KJV!

  5. Really? Please where you work biko oh? I shall not tell you where I use but I must say I was so horrified when, as I was having mine done, the doctor (not my usual) took a phone call! I mean, how far now? My mgm said I should have yelled at him.....I wanted to but I just held myself cos I figured I was the one in a very 'vulnerable' position. Lol! Thanks for coming by In the midst of her!

    1. Oh, In the midst of her, *gbagaun! gbagaun! Bell of blessing* for you as first time visitor!'

    2. Awwwh….Sorry! I work in the US. Receiving my blessings with both hands ooh.

    3. Your two hands might not be enough for all God has in store for you oh! Amazing, cyberspace makes us all seem so close by, abi?


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