Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Real Oga At the Top

Das right!

Even my nine year old is saying this. I cannot believe how fast this went viral! If you are reading this and don't know what it is all about, I have only one question for you? Have you been on Mars? *laughing*

Personally, I have travelled a range of emotions about this matter. At first when I watched it I laughed till tears coursed down my cheeks and I almost peed myself. It was that funny to me! 

Then I was mad at him for not just saying he did not know the website address even though that would make nada sense cos the whole programme WAS about people applying for jobs to his organisation via a fake website! I mean, if you did not know anything else, the one thing he should have come armed with was the legal and right website address ni tori Olorun

But you  know, now seeing how it has all gone so horribly and viciously viral (songs, dance steps, home movies and like I said, even my nine year old is calling me his 'oga at the top!), I am actually upset for the guy. I understand he has been replaced and that even his family, his kids have not been spared the humiliation this has caused him. Yes, I am sad for him. I am sure when he woke up that day thinking of his big day on live TV, he never imagined that five simple words - my oga at the top- would change the landscape of his life so least for never knows with these things. He just might get a starring role in the movie!

Anyway, my prayer is that God Almighty sees Mr. Obafaiye Shem and especially his family through all of this. Time erases memories just as good as it heals wounds. The lesson for me in all of this is as follows:

Like all good girl and boy scouts, I must live prepared so that when the real oga at the top, Jesus Christ has me sitting on the couch in front of him at the pearly gates, I won't starting coughing and sputtering nervously when he asks me to give him an account of my life! All Mr. Obafaiye has lost is his job (and a huge chunk of his ego/pride I suspect). Such unpreparedness will cost me my eternal life.

*clicking my fingers over my head* God Forbid!

In the name of Jesus Christ, the real Oga at the top, I shall be prepared for the ultimate 'interview' and therefore make heaven! And so shall you!





  1. Dear sis, the lessons to learn from this are many. Applying it to the coming of our Lord Jesus,one must be prepared so that we are not caught off-guard. The 'My oga at the top' gate may have presented different people with different sides of laughter, but then, it has taught me to remember the Girls Guide life, to be prepared always! Happy Sunday to you all.

    1. Precisely. "Be Prepared".
      Thanks Hope, Hapi Sunday to you too! In this month of April, may you have many reasons to shout ' The Lord is Good"!


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