Monday, 22 April 2013

The Only Antidote

Stop buy and start moving!
Next stop: Goshen
(The blog below is culled from my 2011 Diary. It came to mind this morning as I left home entrusting my husband and children to God. I sensed fear in my heart somehow. I don't know if you feel it but 'fear' is all around us in Nigeria today especially in this Lagos. It is so tangible, you can almost taste it. The only way I know to prevent myself from living perpetually in its clutches is to remind myself of my true 'Residency'. I may live in Lagos, Nigeria but I am a legal and permanent resident of a safer place called Goshen. I suggest you move there too. It is the only way to have peace in these times we are living in. Yes, It is the only true antidote to fear)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

FYI: I Have Moved

Yes, I have moved. I have relocated my self and my entire family to a better place. I am not even sure how come we have stayed this long in this place we have been. What on earth were we doing on the wrong side of the pillar of cloud. No, really, don't roll your eyes, this is a serious matter. Have you read Exodus lately. I tell you, I think something awesome happened to me on Sunday. The Bible is opening up to me in ways it has not before and I have been reading the book for a while now. Its like layers are being pulled back and I am getting to 'see' inside a box of secrets. Today I want to share with you the secret I pulled out today as I read the story of the 10 plagues.

First of all, I painfully discovered I have been living in fear because I have been living in the wrong zip code!I love my country Nigeria but I have got to tell you, scary things are happening - kidnappings, ritual killings, horrible road crashes that make no sense and other nightmarish stuff, evil stuff - much like in other parts of the world to be honest and I cannot tell a lie, each time I hear one more tale of madness, my heart melts and my legs turn to jelly. Yes, true, I pray Psalm 91 and I honestly do cover myself in the blood of Christ and believe that it protects me BUT I am still human and fear still 'catches me small'. And today I found out how to dispel this fear. I had to move. I was living in the wrong neighbourhood. I had to move to Goshen. Listen to this,

' I will send a swarm of flies throughout Egypt....BUT it will be very different in the land of Goshen, where the Israelites live.....(Gen 8:21-22)

'And the hail smote throughout all the land of Egypt, all that was in the field.......ONLY in the land of Goshen where the children of Israel were was there NO hail. (Gen 9:25-26)

I could go on and lift out all the instances where God 'severed' the connection between Goshen and the harassed land of the Egyptians as he rained down all manner of plagues upon them. I mean how in the world do you control flies?! How do keep a locust from breaching a 'boundary'? I mean, its not like the locust could read or tell the difference between the homes of a Jew and an Egyptian, abi? How did it know not to fly over yonder? How do you cover one part of the land in thick darkness and another in the same time zone in light? Yes, you are right. I am asking the wrong question.

Its not about 'How'. It's about 'Who'. Who was keeping Goshen in a bubble? God. That's who. My Almighty God who can do anything to keep me. And you. And I have asked him to please pretty please with sugar on top place me and mine in this bubble. Yes, I have moved into the bubble called Goshen.

In this Nigeria, no matter what my ears hear and my eyes read. I live in Goshen, I am safe. In Nigeria. In this world where there is so much darkness in the atmosphere and in the hearts of men, I live in Goshen so I have light in me, over me and around me. I will not be afraid of 'frogs' in agbadas or 'boils' in bow-ties or any other kind of nasty 'plague' that might befall this 'Egyptian' world I live in because I am a modern day Israelite. I am favoured of the Lord. So next time you want to come visit be sure to have the right address because I have moved. I live in Goshen now.

You could come join me though. There is more than enough room over here on the right side of the pillar of cloud. The side where God sets you apart from evil and hides you from harm. The side where you can breathe free and assured. The safe side. The God side.

(So yes, fear is all around us but there is an antidote. It is the only antidote we have as Christians. We must move to Goshen. So go, go and back your bags now now and move over to the right side of the Pillar of cloud! So that you can have true inner peace right in the middle of the 'plagues'! )

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