Monday, 15 April 2013

Please, Follow Akimaani on Twitter. Thank you.

Akimaani Nigeria Limited, for those who might not know, is our family business. It is a Fast Moving Consumer Goods Manufacturing (FMCG) company and our two main brands at the moment are Swagga (sachet) Water and ICE (bottled and dispenser)Water.  By God's grace, in the next few weeks, we will launch our very own bread & confectionery line, Baker's Pride! So exciting watching this little kernel grow and I just brag on God Almighty. 

Anyway, Akimaani just joined the Twitter community and we would love it if all of you out there on that platform could follow us! I know I don't need to 'encourage' any of you too hard but as an incentive to the first 20 followers, we shall be delivering free cases of ICE bottled water to you anywhere in Lagos metropolis! How about that?

So follow us, and we shall follow you back assuming we are not already following you already! The first 20 people to inbox us their delivery addresses and phone numbers get free ICE water!!!!
How about that?
P.S We are looking for distributors! If you are interested do call or sms 0802 501 2999


  1. Congrats on your new service projects. Sure, we all take water and love bread so we'll patronize Akimaani. Cheers!

  2. @Hope(Debbie: Thanks alot! YES O! Buy ICE biko. Abi do you know the producers of Eva? Lol! Help you sista o!


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