Saturday, 20 April 2013

IMHO 'Moderate' Your Comments.

You have a right to comment.
I have a right to moderate.
Things never used to be like this when I joined blogger in 2009. Or at least I don't think so. Now, it seems every where I visit, it is one blog after the other that seems to have featured some cyber blog war or the other. It does make me sad somewhat because it just shows how much intolerance there is all over the place. God has given each one of us our own minds and we can express it any which way we want. If people choose to be foolish the way they express their minds, that really is their  prerogative. Like my people say, na dem get dia mout, dem  fit take am chop kaka if  dem wahnt (I know, truly crass but in a funny sort of way. Lol!)

And just like people have the right to say (or in this case, type) anything they want, I have the right to ensure they don't say it in my space IF it is offensive in anyway 'to me'. Yes, I have the right to 'moderate'. People, please moderate your comments so that you keep your space free of the thoughts of people who refuse to disagree with you without being abusive or crass in any way shape or form. In all my life on blogger, not had anyone who tried to be 'funny' on my own blog but I have been a tad miffed by some replies to my comments on other people's blogs. I was like 'ki l'ounse leyi?' (what's up with this person?)

But I get over my 'miffed-ness' as quickly as possible because truth is it would be really foolish for me to think people should agree with everything I said. Of course, I would love for you to believe as I believe and my blog is all about leading people to the same God I believe BUT to fully respect you, I just have to accept that that same God has created you a 'free agent'. Free to choose your destiny, your beliefs, your convictions and in some cases, your language.  So if you choose to spew out language so 'green' even a sailor would cringe, so be it. 

One thing though, showing you respect does not mean I have to let you in my space if you choose  to demonstrate your freedom 'disrespectfully' using language I consider 'foul' , mean and downright  unnecessary. This here is my space and I have a right to keep anyone out of it that tries to come here and blow toxic fumes into my blogosphere. I mean, my kids read my blog! So what do I do? I moderate my comments. I won't block you if you disagree with me but be sure that I will delete your comment so fast your keypad will shake if you try to disagree offensively or try to be rude to anyone one else in my space.

So may I humbly suggest this same MO to all other bloggers out there especially if you own a 'hot' blog and have zillions of followers who are potential commentators. It is painful sometimes when you find over 100 comments waiting to be moderated (a problem, I have not had yet.......*sad face* Lol! ) but in the world we live in today if you want to keep the energy in your blog space positive and healthy, It is worth it.

In my humble opinion.

P. S. 


  1. Thank you Salt. God bless you sis.

  2. Totally agree with your position on this Salt. God bless you!

  3. Replies
    1. It's just the 'healthy' thing to do Madame Sting. God bless.

  4. People cant stop others from their choices. Sure, if they have rights to say their minds, you have the right to 'moderate well!

  5. This is so true. There is a need to moderate comments, because some people are so intolerant of other people and give full vent to their feelings at the slightest sign of disagreement. Some are so touchy that they easily pick offense at any comment that looks different from what they would like to see. I was thinking of a full blog post on this issue of tolerance and when I saw this post, it is a confirmation to me. In life, tolerance is a sine qua non, but where people cannot tolerate others, at least this is blogville, one can moderate the comments. Thanks for sharing this.


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