Thursday, 4 April 2013

Ha! In Your Face!

Yes, I am feeling like a mean somebodi. Lol!

Anyway, do you remember how I was telling you how some people ask me why anyone should buy any of the 'Diaries' being as they are in the 'past' now. If you know my books, you will know that each Diary is a collection of my blogs from the years 2009, 2010 and 2011. So their question is 'why would I by a book about stuff you wrote over two years ago or more?.

First of all, this always baffles me cos I am like 'all books eventually become books that were written in the past'. Mine just happen to have the years captured as part of the title?' Anywho,  as God would have it I got a mail from an old secondary school friend  today that was purely 'sent from heaven'. Read for yourself and don't mind me. I am not getting my own back at anybody in particular. OK, I shall  not lie. I am. And  I hope the somebodis read this. Lol!

Seriously though, this email made my good day great:

How u dey? I have been laughing so much today in particular as I recollect some parts of DNW 2009 recently perused. Simply love that word! Yes it is still very relevant & I still have not finished reading my copy. Even writing this reminds me of yr words (26th March) & I can use "Still" twice in one sentence. Afterall it is my email. Lol! It spoke so much to me...I just picked it up y/day & I usually just read it in chunks just becos .................. that's just how it is & I happen to be reading several @ the same time.

Today just got me thinking as I read about saying "it is well" (9th March). I must have picked up saying that phrase from my darling mother who I bet accounts for way over the 2% mark you gave y/self. It is indeed a wonderful phrase but really it is well with what & why? I sent words of encouragement to 2 friends just this past wk & wrote it is well @ the end. (full stop). One has a sick child in hospital & the other just lost her mum. It really got me thinking......... so I say it is well with my heart desires & back it up with Ps 37:4. Just putting it into practice.

It is funny b/cos my FIL calls me 'Lady T' from the moment I stepped into the family till this very day.

I had every intention to send you this mail even before I read your frankness (haven't used that word in forever) about receiving feedback. I do too! Na real big deal O! (23rd March). I am curious to know if you receive feedback from international readers who are unfamiliar with some of the Ijinle' terminologies. I am glad you courageously ran with the vision to blog & hence the birth of these inspirational & anointed pieces. So motivating!

By the way how is JUM faring? I will share what the Lord is leading me to do in my subsequent email. Need to go to bed for real!

Love & Many Blessings,


If you have read the 2009 Diary, you will 'get' all the references she is making to different stuff she read in it. This is the year 2013, four years down the road and she is still reading it and it is still 'speaking' to her and making her think.  Is that not a wonderful bit of feedback?

I think it is and so, again, I say  'in your face!' to all the somebodis who try to drag another person's work down. You don't have to buy. You can just be quiet or better still, how about you go write and publish your own book *smiling sweetly*



  1. in "in your face" "suck it up" abi.....nothing is stale really. There is always a lesson to be learnt after all the bible was written thousands of years ago and it's still relevant today. China Achebe's book Arrow of God was written in the '60s and still relevant in 2013.

  2. I should get me a copy of this your diary o! Abi? I like the frank way you write and it makes me know I am not alone in being frank and real when writing. Like Sykik said, books are written when they are written, they affect/touch lives years after they have been written. Refuse to be dragged down dear, there are a lot of low achievers who can't bear to see someone do or achieve something in life when they have already written themselves off. Would I be mean if I sing a song ala Sykis's blog? (((( Ota mi o ni ya fun oko))) ***wiggles waist and whistles***

  3. @Sykik: Helep me tell them o! If it was like that who would read all the old classics like Jane Eyre or Chike and The River (which I loved). It is OK sha. My Oga at the top has me oovered.

    @ Bernnie: Please sing carry go o! You mean you don't have even one of my books in any version possible? Haba Sista, why now? Thanks o jare *wriggling my waist along with you* . Lol!


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