Sunday, 7 April 2013

For The Love Of My Dear QC.

 Pass on the torch, the cry inspiring

Unites us here in hope untiring
In bonds no future years can sever………
We forward press, not backward turning,
That this our torch more brightly burning
May yet pass on, and on, foreeeeeeeever!
(the last stanza of the Queen's College Anthem)

One of the best times of my life academically was the time I spent in Queen's College Yaba from 1979 to 1984. And this is exactly what I told Ikwo Arit Ekpo (set of 68) when she contacted me and asked if I would partner with  The OGQC association in its bid to raise funds to meet some of the educational needs of my dear QC. First of all I had to get over the 'shock' over the fact that she got into QC the year I was born! I was tempted to kneel down as I typed my reply. Lol!

Anyway, sad but so true, my Alma mater has fallen on hard times and is in dire need of help to get it back to the glorious state we all remembered it being when we were  there. In a heart beat, I replied 'Senior' Ikwo and told her it would be an honour to do so. So, for the love of my dear QC, I have pledged 10% of all my 2013 book sales towards this laudable cause and I am just so grateful to God for this opportunity to give back. There is no doubt in my mind that QC played a huge role in shaping me into the woman I am today. I started keeping a journal in QC and that habit that paved the way to what I do today: blogging and publishing books about my daily musings. Who knew? Not me! Plus, some of my tightest, longest lasting friendships are with girls I met in my Form 1. Women like Ibiye Osio, Bunmi Oluwole and Funkeyi Akintayo. These three women have been constant fixtures in my life through all the milestones typical of a woman's life and I give God all the glory for their lives and our connection. A connection that started in QC.  

I am sure there are many OGQCs out there who feel the same way and it is my hope that you will feel led to buy a copy of any of the Diaries knowing that, by so doing, you will be giving back to our dear QC. It does not matter the state of QC today, I have an untiring hope in the power of collaboration. Together, all of us, OGQCs can press forward towards making a difference so that the light of our dear QC can burn brighter than it is doing right now. Just like the last stanza of our school anthem above says, I am crying out via this blog. I am crying out to all OGQCs out there, home and abroad: BE INSPIRED to buy a copy of any of the Diaries today!
For all OQGCs out there in the US planning to attend the Atlanta Reunion from 24 to 26th May 2013, you will be able to buy copies at the event as, by God's grace, I shall be sending copies over therefore  for y'all! Thank you Subomi Macaulay and Bolaji Oyebanjo Popoola for making this happen!

For those who will not be making it to the Atlanta 2013 Reunion, you can order on line via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and via a plethora of other online bookstores as far away as China! Lol!

In Nigeria, you can be a part of all this by getting your copies from Laterna &Terra Kulture book stores or by ordering online via can even get it now for just N150 only on your Android phone in Nigeria, South Africa, Australia and Canada I think (but this is just till the end of April as it is part of a test run).

And you know what? You don't have to buy my books to give back to QC. It would make me really happy if you did but that is not the bottom line. The bottom line is that you give back to our dear Alma mater. She really needs our help. So if buying books does not rock your boat, please click this link. to support our school directly. Thank you in advance and I am confident that God will not forget your labour of love towards our dear Queen's College.

Pass On The Torch!


  1. I love the fact that you are making a difference in your alma mater. More grease to all your elbows


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