Sunday, 14 April 2013

Being Like God 101: Be Vocal

Being like God means being vocal. Please, speak out! 

Speak with purpose! Speak God's word over your life confidently! Yes, let your faith be vocal!

If God being God had to speak out for the world to be created, then we should know that 'speaking out' is important. If Jesus Christ too chose to pray out loud then he must have wanted us to know that praying out loud was important. They could have both just 'thought' what they wanted. They could have just 'meditated' serenely about it.  They could have just sat quietly praying in their hearts. But no! God, as God as he was, opened up his mouth and SPOKE it out loud and AUDIBLY and when he did, the Spirit, his Spirit went about to perform his words! And it was Good!

So while there are times when we pray quietly, TODAY, I encourage you to BE VOCAL!

You must speak!You must be vocal. You must be audible. And as you speak God's word, his spirit will go forth to perform your words. To make them come to pass over your situation.

And yes my dear one, IT WILL BE GOOD too!

In Jesus name. Amen!


  1. Thank you for the word....lemme start confessing the word right now. I need this reminder


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