Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Being Like God 101: Be Honest

God created the world and everything in it. It was good. He created all the animals and all the birds and it was good.  He is on a roll and everything he touches turns to gold.

Then God created man and horror of horror, something is off. And God, the Almighty God was honest enough to know he had 'bungled' something somehow. He owned up. He faced the issue. He did not try to flub it over. He did not try to cover it up. He did not try to pass the buck. He did not try to 'manage it'. He did not sink into depression or turn to drink. And best of all, it did not make him doubt himself. 

No, God was simply honest with himself and to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. He was honest enough to tell them that what he had made 'this time'  was 'not good'. This 'not good' creation did not make him less God. No way! Nothing could touch that. But as much as God knew this, it did not stop him from honestly owning up to the fact that he had 'missed it' on this one. If God being God could own up to 'missing it'. Then we should be able to do so too. 

Today, be like God. 

Face your 'bungling', be honest about it and then take steps to fix it.  


  1. It takes courage to be honest, especially in Nigeria where people are celebrated for doing otherwise.
    The grace to be do "what Jesus will do" in every situation is what I ask for daily.

  2. And Jesus will demonstrate courage ALL the time. Regardless of what other people would say or do. So indeed, the grace to be like him is what we need more of every single day. Thanks for stopping by Sykik.


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