Thursday, 18 April 2013

Being Like God 101: Be Creative

God created the heavens and the earth from nothing. You have God's DNA in you so YOU have the ability to create too. Unless you want to call God a liar you MUST have at least one 'talent'. If you don't know what it is yet, ask God to open your eyes to see! He will.

And when he does, please use it! Bless lives with it! Impact your world with it! Glorify God with it! Whatever you do, don't die with it! You were born to create, innovate and improve something! Yes, you were! 

So please, go out there and be like your PapaGod!

Be Creative!

P. S.

I hope you know that 'smiling' is a creative process too! Lol! So go on, right now, get your creative juices flowing by just smiling!

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  1. My pastor said these same words last week :).

    A friend once said she didn't have a talent cos she could not sing, write, act, speak....(you get the point). Yet each time we were in a jam, she had the best ideas to help us out. She later discovered that was her talent, solving problems. That was a turning point for her.

    I pray we all find what our talents and gifts are, and stop believing it should have been something else...


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