Friday, 12 April 2013

Being LIke God 101: Be Confident!

The devil is roaring. But I am not interested. I shall not lie, I am flustered but I am still not interested. I refuse to be interested. A shadow that barks is still a shadow. It might look nasty but it is still just a shadow. The 'shadow' of  bark or a bite is still just a shadow! Not the real thing! My time on line is limited for now. So from now till the end of April, I am going to blog some of my quick-quick! olden days FB posts about 'being like our PapaGod'. The enemy will not 'mute' my voice. Lailai! In this season, I want us all to spit in the eye of the devil by being like his arch enemy. In this season, please I beg you: Be Like God.

There is nothing that irks the devil more than seeing Christians truly trying to be like God. So please, go out there and......

Be Confident

Be Calm. Be cool. Be sure. Be on point. In the face of void, chaos and darkness, God was not moved. He was confident. He just looked at the situation and SPOKE 'Let there be light!' Gbam! And there was light. Today, don't fret, don't fuss or get frazzled. Be cool, be calm, and be confident like your Papa. Just speak to the situation in the name of Jesus Christ. Bring up His word out of the word you read every day and speak it! You will see, his word will move. It will act. It WILL be Good too.

Because you have spoken.

Like God

With Confidence!

Praise God! Praise God! Praise God!


  1. The day the living gets tired of praising God Almighty, then he seizes to have life even when he is existing. Thank God for the spirit of boldness and grace for confidence. Happy wkend!

  2. @ Hope: Happy week ahead!

    Thanks Anonymous!


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