Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Be Unreasonable (A Guest Post by Debbie Adefolalu)

Reason and faith don't mix!
Faith is not for reasonable people. You can't "do the math" with God. Like it or not, our human minds just weren't made to conceive somethings. Natural reactions would be to fear and doubt when the storms of life begin to overwhelm one. But God doesn't want us to calculate anything. He just wants us to 'foolishly' believe Him. I say 'foolishly' because that's exactly what it'll seem like- foolishness!

How do you tell me to build a big boat in the middle of dry land? Foolishness! How do you tell me I'll have a child of my own when I should already be counting grandchildren? Foolishness! How do you tell me to keep going when there's a dead end ahead and spear-happy warriors behind? Foolishness! And it will always seem that way. If you don't have faith, God's ways will never make any sense to you! His plans will never add up.

When I hear 'faith is the substance...', I imagine this: you can't see anything, but God says 'look, it's right there'. Your faith makes you believe it's there and well, what do you know, that faith becomes something concrete. It's almost as if your faith becomes visible! A substance!

So when you have faith, your reactions in the face of a hopeless situation will be to hope and trust. Just think, before the flood in Genesis, there had never been rain before! God watered the earth from the ground up. So Noah had no idea what rain looked like but "it's going to rain" was his excuse for insanity for a hundred and twenty years! Don't try to reason things out. If God says He'll do it, He can and will!

See also: 1Cor1:25, 1Cor3:19, 1Cor2:14, Isa55:8-9

(All I could say to this was 'Gbam'. *Coughing delicately* May I just say that I used to be an  'Adefolalu'. Yoiz! As in, you know, its like Miz Debbie is actually my sister. Just thought I should drop that little bit of information out there. Lol! One sister on the cover of my last Diary and another with a penchant for moi! Nice work PapaGod. Nice work! To you be all the glory for their lives! You heard what Debbie said, right? Be UNREASONABLE when it comes to standing on God's word and promises to you! I call it being Godistic!)

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