Monday, 1 April 2013

A Woman Consumed via Faith Dames Blog

A Woman Consumed

I guest-post on Faith Dames from time to time and it is just a real honour and I thank the blog owner for inviting me way back then. You should visit this blog. Some really thought provoking and inspiring blogs about women of the Bible.

Anyway, I have not posted there in a while but today as I read God's word and listened to him, I knew that what he was sharing with me was not just for me. I also knew that it was not meant for this blog primarily. It was for Faith Dames. I guess God knows that, apart from me, someone else needs the message and that someone does not come here.

That being said, you are very welcome to click on the link to read it. In fact, I insist. Lol! Seriously though, go scan through it.....maybe, just maybe, it is meant for you too.

Should- in-case you do not click on the link, do remember this one thing:

Because Jesus is risen, because he lives, YOU can!

You can what?

Oh,  I dunno. You fill in the gaps. Clicking on the link might help you figure it out though *smiling mischievously*

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