Sunday, 24 March 2013

We Have Prayed. What Next?

Pastor Femi Atoyebi was the guest minister at church this morning. Personally, I believe that God sent this man of God today specifically to give me a message. A message he wanted me to share with the other JUM moms, with the other hundreds of women who attended the WCO meeting and with anyone reading this blog right now who has been praying to God and is trusting him for answers.  Now that we have prayed, what next?
We shall be mindful of the devices of the enemy, that's what!

Funny enough, at the end of the JUM prayer meeting, we did warn ourselves about this. But for me to walk into church and hear more or less the same warning could only be  a God thing. So I think we should really pay attention. So here is what we are going to do now that we have prayed. Or rather, here is what we are NOT going to do:

1. We will not allow the devil discourage us. No matter what happens to make us wonder  or doubt, we shall not wonder nor shall we doubt. When Moses went to Pharaoh asking him to let the children of Israel go, we all know how Pharaoh reacted. It was not encouraging at all but in the end we know who won that battle. In the same way, we shall win and this is why we shall not be discouraged. We don't care how contrary things get tomorrow, we have prayed, God has answered and he has the final say!

2. We will not settle for less than God has promised us. Remember Abraham? God told him he would be a father but at some point he let Sarah push him to settling. You and I know how that ended up. Wait for God. Don't let your faith doubt. Don't let impatience make you settle for less than God's best for you. If you do, you will regret it for life.

3.  We will not try to serve God on the devil's terms. See, the devil does not care if you sing in the choir or evangelize in buses or pay your tithes.  The devil could care less if you go to church every Sunday. He does not give a hoot if you speak in tongues or pray for hours. What really gets him going is when he sees a Christian whose heart is totally, 100% sold out to God. If you have left Egypt, you must leave Egypt completely. You cannot straddle both worlds.

4. We are not going to be afraid of being tagged "Fanatical''. When you refuse to go to funny places for funny prayers, when you stand on your faith no matter what, refusing 'common sensical' human solutions that take you out of God's will, when you refuse to pay that bribe, sleep with that lecturer, forge that document, bathe in that funny river, when you choose to be 'godistic' rather than realistic people will call you a fanatic. Be OK with that. At the end of the day, you. the fanatic, will laugh last.

If your last two days have been spent mainly praying to God and you hear the above advice via a sermon the day after, you must pay attention because it means God cares deeply and does not want anything to block his answers to your prayers. So if you are asking what next? He just answered that question. Now, you know and like I said in my last blog, as from this moment......
It's all up to us.



  1. Sure, it must be total commitment to God because with Him, there is no variation of what He speaks.

  2. This is so encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing, I remember a friend once saying "waiting on God is not passive, but active" this puts more meaning to those words.


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