Friday, 8 March 2013

Silence Is The Best Answer

No, I was not going to say ‘for a fool’ even though I am sure that when you read the blog title, your mind automatically reeled out those words. It’s true anyway, silence is the best answer for a fool but I also believe that sometimes you need to set a fool straight lest s/he walk away believing that s/he is wise and thereby continue in his/her foolishness. I learnt this from my Bible and the trick to knowing when to be quiet and when to speak? It’s simple. Spiritual Discernment. Whenever you have an encounter with a foolish person, ask the God in you, which way to go? If he says speak, do so in love. And no matter how much it is burning you to speak, if he says ‘be still’. Let your mouth be still. Very VERY hard but doable if obedience is your mission.

Why I am in this space today? A driver told me that a co-worker called his child a bastard. I was shocked. What would make her do that? Just small quarrel he said confessing that he decided to pay her back in the same currency by calling her a prostitute. Why did you pay back wrong with wrong? It was too painful he said. He knew how much he and his wife suffered for that child. I felt his pain but there was nothing I could do about it as I really try not to interfere in that side of the business. Plus you never judge a matter by listening to one side of the story. I advised him to speak to his boss. But I also told him that sometimes (most times to be honest) silence is the best answer.

I advised him to focus on why he took up the job: To feed and cater for his family. He should face it and not let anyone endanger his employment. He said thank you and promised to let it all go. I hope he does. People are so badly behaved sometimes. But we cannot control anyone. The only person we have control over is ourselves. People are allowed to use their mouths anyhow they want. It’s their prerogative. We owe it to ourselves not to let them bait us into being like them. If you stand on the street exchanging words with a foolish-mad person, to anyone passing, you both look foolish-mad. So in the above Driver vs. Foul-mouthed co-worker saga, silence would have been the best answer.

Oddly enough, same applies sometimes even when you are not dealing with foolish-mad people. Personally, I am surrounded by some of the smartest people I know. They are so smart that sometimes, their intelligence is the very thing that trips them up and ends up making them foolish. Ironic, isn’t it? When this happens, and the otherwise smart person speaks forth foolishness, it is better not to respond. Yes, at times like that also, silence is also the best answer.

02 to 08 March 2013 Salt News Reel

Work has been a rollercoaster but I brag on God for my job so I shall not moan. But being as I have not been here for a bit, below is my irohin ni shoki (News in Brief)

PeopleSmart is booming. Our 02 March 2013 Driver’ workshop was a massive hit. We have had individual employers and companies call in to give such awesome feedback on the changes they are seeing in the drivers they sent. I was so grateful to God. It just made all the hard work that went into it all the more rewarding. The next one comes up on Saturday 06 April 2013! So do refer us to your personal and corporate contacts. The number to call is 0706 491 5388

In the midst of all the work turbulence, my first born son turned 19 years old this week! Glory be to God for his continued love, protection and faithfulness over his life!

A friend I had not spoken to in ages stumbled on my blog during the week and called me. I was stunned more so because she said that The 'Confession of a Know-er' hit her like a ton of bricks and got her back in the right frame of mind! She had been in a blue funk for weeks! That is purely a God thing so I praise him for that! No one can share in the glory for that! No one!

That's about it. I believe we are all 'caught up' now!

Thank God is Friday oh!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations to your son. May God continue to watch over him and the other children. On the day's topic, silence is truly golden. It helps cool off heated situations that would have burst into flames of fire. Thank you for this beautiful reminder.

  2. @Debby: Thank you Sis. And AMEN! Amen for all our children in Jesus name. Amen.

    Silence does not mean you are less smart or have inferiour arguements. It just means you are chasing peace! Lol!


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