Sunday, 17 March 2013

Passing On The Unease

Listening to the sermon today, I was truly uncomfortable. Let's see if I can 'infect' you with my unease a bit.

So you have a zillion followers and your blog averages a trillion pageviews a week.

So your book is a bestseller and on the verge of receiving the most sought after award.

So you are an inpirational. motivational, charismatic speaker able to wake up even the deadest of minds and ambitions.

So you are a savvy business person, financial consultant to tens, coach to hundreds and mentor to thousands.

So you pastor a huge church, run many charitable and people/society-friendly programmes and when you preach lost souls zoom forward to throw themselves on the mercy available at the altar.

So you are an egghead, one of the 'stars' considered high pontential at work. You get all the sexy, notice me projects and everyone knows you are going places and fast.

So your name is all over the place thanks to your awesome talent. You are in or on the cover of every other magazine and maybe there is some song out there that has your name in it.

I could go on but I have a headache (don't ask) so I shall stop there. 

None of the above is bad right? Right. I agree with you and personally, I would like to be able to say I fit some of those descriptions up there someday BUT what on earth would be the point in any of it if when my name is mentioned in heaven NOBODY knows who I am!!!!?

You see why today, in church, as Dr. Okey Onuzo spoke, I was squirming?

Tell me, does heaven know your name? When you pray, do your prayers even count? You may be all that and a bag of chips here on earth, but who are you to in heaven? Do you even wonder how come the world still stands? The very same acts and even worse that plagued Sodom and Gomorrah are rife in our world today so what gives? Why is God not destroying us? Do you know? Is God speaking to you? Sharing his secrets with you? Can he find you or are you so busy chasing status, fame and blessings? Do you even care that this country is spiralling out of control in spite of all our 'christian voices' crying out every day? If you are squirming. I guess you do.

And I have succeeded in what I set out to do here today - pass on my unease.

Living 'life as usual' has got to stop.



  1. Bottom line is this, what is the true purpose of our existence on earth? It's worth it to slow down from the hustle and bustle of life to really ask ourselves some introspective questions. I share your unease. Real food for thought.

    1. I am still pondering my I majoring on the minors spiritually? Do I count?

  2. Hmmmn...Salt,this is so true!!!
    Just like Don moen sang..'After all has been said and done, there's just one thing that matters, did I do my àbest to live for truth, did I live my life fr u
    Maý God's mercy aand grace sustain us till he comes so dt we do nt get carried away IJN

  3. Definitely uneasy now! Trust Dr. Onuzo to always speak the truth in the 'bluntest' way possible.
    Thanks for sharing.


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