Friday, 29 March 2013

Not Nails

(Nails were not enough to hold God fastened to the Cross had love not held Him there - St. Catherine of Siena)

Not nails. Love. Xtreme Love.

I sent an sms to some of my phone contacts this morning and  have decided to post a somewhat longer version of that sms here:

It was not nails that kept Jesus Christ fastened to the the Cross at Calvary.
It was Love.
God loves us THAT much.
That is extreme committment.
I am determined to be just as committed to Him as He is to me
How about you? 

You see, most people (myself included) tend to spend today focussed on the pain, the gore and all the suffering Christ went through for us today many years ago. Or some just try to make sure they don't eat any beef . Nothing wrong with this but not sure how come we miss what methinks is the real koko of the matter. The real 'why' of how such a bad day could still be 'Good'.

True, God wanted to give us eternal life. But why?
True, God wanted to free us from sin. But why?
True, God wanted to cancel all the ordinances against us. But why?
True, God wanted to rip the veil in two & give us direct access to him. But why?
True, God wanted to, with each whiplash to Christ body, free us from sickness. But why?
Why? Why? Why?
Because He loves us. That's why.
He could have come down from that Cross anytime he wanted to.
He could have zapped all those soldiers to 'thy kingdom come' if he want to. But he didn't because love constrained Him
Yes, the A to Z of today is Love.

So inspite of all the nails, the gore and the cruelty of today, it is indeed a Good Friday because it is the day that God demonstrates how much he loves me.

And you.

How shall we respond to this kind of love?




  1. We respond by celebrating His love for us and loving him back with every inch of our being. God has been so faithful and gracious that it's hard not to love Him back.

    I love the new name of the blog by the way, very apt :)

    1. True, but I think we find it easy to say we love God but a little hard to actually show him how much. Loving God is an action verb. To love him is to obey him......

      Thanks Dosh!

  2. It's only Worship! For the love of Christ, nothing else would do, but to appreciate our God sincerely. While we were yet to understand, He loved us unconditionally and made the 'helper' available freely for he who wants a solid relationship.

  3. Worship!!!! Constant worship in all ways - not just in words but by the very way we live our lives.....Thanks Hope!!!!

  4. Oh! Such a beautifuol thought! I cannot comprehend the love of God. I am just happy to accept it because I know myself! And knowing me, I am convinced that if not for the Him, that's in me, there's not much to love! So how do I respond to this love by unabashed, unashamed love! Through worship! Through dying to flesh (not that I have attained, its always a struggle to keep my eyes on the prize eternal), through living my best life! I know that Christ did not die so I can be mediocre, or so I can berely survive, that's not the idea of life more abundantly. Through living my purpose- so that my life glorifies His name! I could go on and on... you have stirred something in me. I pray for the grace to respond to God's love the way He would have me respond! Big hug and happy Easter.


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