Saturday, 30 March 2013

I Wanted To Smack The Disciples.

Haba Disciples! How far?

No, really, the more I read, the more upset I got with them, these disciples. What did they do to me? Let me explain.

I have been reading over and over the accounts of Jesus' last days before the Crucifixion. I decided that was how I was going to spend my quiet time this Easter holiday. Just going over and over these stories as told by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You won't believe what you see when you dedicate time to read stuff you think you know so well. I tell you, familiarity breeds 'blindness'; because you think you know the story so well, you miss out on 'the new' that God  has for you in his Word.

Anyway, back to my bad bele for the disciples that had followed Christ around all through his time on earth. Three different times, he told them, predicted for them how he would die and how he would rise again. THREE times! Go check it yourself in Luke 16, 17 and 19. I shall not give you the verses in my bid to encourage you read all three chapters. Lol! No, seriously I believe God has a message for you in one of them *smiling mischievously*.

Anyway, Jesus tells these men three times on three different occasions so please, for the love of all things good in the world, WHY, when it all happened just as he had said, DID THEY NOT BELIEVE? The women told them Jesus had risen. They did not believe. Jesus himself appeared to them and still, looking right at him, they did not believe! I kid you not, each time, I came across the phrase, 'they did not believe' I cringed in annoyance.

But tell me, who died and made me the Queen of Sheba? Am I any better? How do I know that I am not just like them? Hearing God, walking with him yet not truly believing. I had zero right to be vexing with the disciples at all cos I know that there are times when I am just the same. When I live like I don't really believe there is a heaven and a hell. Like I don't believe that the world could end at any moment. When, in spite of all that God has shown me, promised me, I too am 'troubled and my heart is full of doubts' just like the disciples were when the risen Christ appeared to them. So what right did I have to want to smack them? None whatsoever.

This Easter season, even as we meditate on how much God loves us, maybe we should spend some time asking God to help us check our hearts. Do we even believe that he loves us? Do we really believe that we can do, have and be all that God says we can do, have and be? I mean, do we really believe?

Or will someone reading the story of our lives someday get so riled up by our unbelief as to want to reach over and smack us too?

PapaGod, I believe. I really, really do! Please help my unbelief in Jesus name. Amen!

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  1. Over the past few days this has been the question on my mind. i posted on twitter

    "We hear always 'God Loves you unconditionally, but how many of us buy the idea of that Love?"

    over the past few days almost everything i've read is pointing to me asking myself and searching my heart for an honest answer to this..

    P.s: this is the 2nd article today i;m reading about God loving me unconditionally . Its time to really really believe it.

    Help my unbelief, Lord. Thanks for sharing


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