Monday, 11 March 2013

Dear Daughter-Mine.

Dear Daughter-mine

What a wonderful day it is today. What a beautiful, blessed day! All because it is your birthday and you just turned sixteen! Glory to my God! The God who saw fit, sixteen years ago, at about this time, to bring you forth from one such as myself. Who I am that God would do such a thing for me? Give me such a gift? I have no clue. But this one thing I do know. It's that I love you.

Dear 'Love of God' personified in my life

What a joyous day it is today. What a day of celebration. All because it is your Sweet Sixteen! Indeed, I am blessed and highly favoured because God has enriched my life with your life. Who am I that God would do such a thing for me? Give me such a treat? I have no clue. But this one thing I do know. It's that I love you.

Dear Only Princess of our household

What a great day of gratitude and appreciation to God. This day sixteen years ago, you took your first breath and kept on breathing. Your heart beat once and has kept on beating. You took your first step and you kept on walking. You said your first word and have not stopped talking (literally! lol!). You won your first award and have not looked back since! Who am I that God would put such a treasure in my care? I have no clue. But this one thing I do know. It's that I love you.

Dear Gazelle (as your Papa calls you)

What shall we say unto these things? It is that the Lord is good and if he be for you, who can be against you. You shall fulfil purpose my love. Your life shall be as long as your legs and even longer in Jesus name. Amen. As you rock your sweet sixteenth birthday today, may the love of God shine bright in and through you. Brighter than even your brightest smile (and you do smile a lovely smile!). You are a smart chicita and as you stick to the right path, God's path, you will get even smarter and more importantly, you will be the excellent young woman God has created you to be.

Who am I that God would send one such as you my way? No clue but this one thing I know. As much as I love you. As much as your papa loves you. As much as your brothers love you, your PapaGod loves you way more. Know this and know this well! You my personal love of God are the apple of God's eye! Live like you know it on this day and every other day of your life!

Happy Birthday Ima mi. Happy Birthday Omo mi atata!

Emi ni iya re too to!


  1. Profound wishes of joy to you dear celebrant! May the joy and fulfillment of this special day be with you always.Amen!

  2. Wonderful birthday wishes to your sweet sixteen... God bless her!

  3. Awwwwwww
    Sweetheart, this is a beautiful post from aa grateful heart. Your baby will be so proud of you
    Wishing her all the best oo
    How have you been now? You didn't even check up on me
    I trust you've been good

    1. Thanks Sugarspring! I am still begging o!!!!

  4. Awwwww
    I've missed u gan have u been now?
    God bless you, your baby and your household in Jesus name
    This is a beautiful article from a grateful heart. Your child will be so prouÐ of mommy.

  5. Happy belated birthday sweet 16. Congratulations Mother! May God keep you both in destiny in Jesus name.

  6. Wishing your sweet 16 a wonderful belated birthday wish. May she stand out as a child of light and not conform to the evil practices of the teenagers of her generation. May the Lord bless and keep her.


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