Saturday, 30 March 2013

Breaking News: The 2011 Diary NOW on!

It gives me much joy to announce to you that, as of right now, you can order copies of the 2011 Diary on I just love it when a plan comes together. Lol!

Actually, the person to thank is Motola. She is the one that made this happen and I am very grateful. Since I stepped back to move forward, God has seen fit to place 'helpers' in my path to help me keep the books out there. It is true, put God first and he takes care of your business. He is such a korekt somebodi, this our God. Lol! Anyway, please send up a  prayer for Motola that God will move in her life in a 'sudden' and wonderfully surprising way in Jesus name. Amen!

So, the plan is to have all my books available on but for now, it's just this one. So if you have not read it, do go and buy it. You know me, I am really not a fussy person so you can buy the downloadable version for just N150 from or you can buy the old-school-I-need-to-hold-a-book-in-my-hands-and-turn-the-pages hard copy version for N3,300.00 from As long as you buy sha, I am very OK. Lol!

Oh and perchance you have a copy already and have actually read it, then please go and leave your reviews for me biko. Yes, command people to buy the book. Lol!

P. S. People keep asking me why they should buy a book about stuff that happened in somebody's life two years ago. Good question. I don't have some overly cerebral answer. But think of it this way: Why do we read people's auto-biographies? The events, thoughts and ideas are in the past too, abi? But we read them to be entertained and more importantly to learn from the people. I am not saying I know it all but I believe that God has given me a voice and my voice must speak. I can only pray that somebody out there wants to listen *smiling* 

Worse case, my children will cherish all these my books some day in the future.......when I am gone (way way way in the future by God's grace).

N'est ce pas? Yes o!


  1. Congrats.
    Would look out for it on okadabooks.

  2. Thank you Tamie. Do that please. And do spread the word!

  3. Congrats sis, I am the old school hard copy type o
    will rather get the book and feel the pages of paper.


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