Tuesday, 26 February 2013


You know a sister trusts you when she agrees to post your 'un-edited' thoughts about her book on her blog! Bidemi, I am truly chuffed cos I was quite sure you would 'touch it up a bit' but seeing 'my words' just as I gave them to you made my heart smile. That is Sista Trust.

Women of God, go out there and get your own copy of Sista Power today! I promise, you will enjoy it,  you will learn from it and your life will be richer for it. Just read my raw thoughts as I read the book and imagine how much God will speak to you as you read the book yourself.

NeverTheLess: REVIEWS FOR SISTA POWER: Hello people, it is Tuesday, I know;  life has just happened back and forth for me.  Anyhow, through this wee...

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  1. Every good thing to 'grow' the love of God and the trust we can ever have in one another, is welcome.


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