Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Just In Case & Today’s Salty Confession

I love God so much you know. He is always there wanting to encourage His own. The day after I posted my first blog on Salty Confessions, right there in church God spoke to me about it. I took what he said to me as reassurance that this is ‘THE’ right time for what we are doing (assuming that you are confessing along with me). What did he say? I will try to paraphrase:

My dear Salt, just in case you are wondering about doing this? Don’t. I am waiting and I’m watching and once you speak my word out to my hearing, I will perform it. Does it not say so in my Word? Just like I touched Jeremiah’s mouth and put my words in his mouth so have I touched your mouth and given you (via the Bible) my words. So just in case you are wondering how this can be? Don’t. Just confess my word. I will perform it. You will see.

However Salt, just in case you think this is something you can do, any old way. Don’t. There is a limit to what my grace can give you. True, the rain falls on the good and bad alike but my true blessings I reserve for those who are living right as led by my Spirit. So just in case you think you I am some sort of genie and all you need to do is rub my bottle.You are wrong. Very wrong.  I am a Holy God and I am looking for my children who want to offer me sacrifices of righteousness. I love the sacrifices of praise, thanksgiving and dance and no doubt,  you do that very well. Now is the time to give me more 'sacrifice of holy living'.

Need I say more? I think not. So as you confess the confession below, think about what God is saying to us..........

Becoming Who God Says I Am

I choose to live a godly life before my family and friends. I am disciplined concerning the priorities of my life. I manage my time effectively and efficiently. I am sensitive to the needs of my family and friends. I have God’s wisdom and discernment concerning all my decisions.

I am filled with God’s love and it shows in how I deal with people. I keep my cool during times of stress. I do not lose my temper and I don’t become easily frustrated. If I do something wrong or offensive I am quick to repent. I am peaceful, consistent and faithful.

I am quick to provide encouragement and inspiration to others when they need it. I know the voice of the Holy Spirit and I am quick to obey His voice. God’s presence and peace is with me always. God’s grace and favour are a crown on my head. His goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life. In Jesus name. Amen!

(Adapted from Scripture Collections, A Gift Collection by Keith & Megan Provance)


  1. Hmm, Thanks for posting o. The Holy Spirit just led me here now after my hiatus. I just love this statement - "God’s presence and peace is with me always. " This just confirms what I already know. Something happened in my office some time ago and I choose to do the right thing by God.Nothing can take the place of righteous living. When we do right by God irrespective of what ANYBODY may think, then our peace is assured. I would rather please God than curry the favours of men. My peace is sooooo precious to me and I wouldn't trade it for nothing.... not even being liked by a crowd. One with God is majority... and am satisfied. That's my story and am sticking to it... period!

  2. @Bernnie: Gbam! So true. So, so true.

  3. Indeed, God is exalted in the praises and worship of them who love Him. Righty, being sensitive to the needs of loved ones helps to give direction on 'dos and don'ts' of life and it pays off!

    1. And may he give us his heart for people around us....and not just those we love. Not easy but with God's heart and eyes, doable.

  4. The sacrifice of holy living...hmmm. Thanks for the confession. I love confessing the word , it gives life to me.

    1. It really does Sykik. Thanks for stopping over.


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