Sunday, 27 January 2013

That's Just The Way I Am

How many times have you said these words to yourself? If you are like me, many times. 

I was reading the weekend papers yesterday and came across an article with a title that I would usually skim past. Why? I hate being reminded of my shortcomings or areas of my life that I am not happy about. I mean, who doesn't? Especially if it had to do with something I believed I had no real control over. I mean, after all, that's just the way I am now! Right? I kissed my teeth noisily and flipped the pages almost angry with the writer of the article when I heard my PapaGod's voice and this is what it said:  

Hey, it's not my fault. That's Just The Way I Am!
Even if that is just the way you are, do you believe that is the way I designed you to be
Even if that is just the way you are, do you believe that is the way I want you to be
Salt, even if that is the way you are, do you think that is my best for you
That way that you say you are, does it reflect me as a loving, caring, considerate God
If your answer to these my questions is 'No' then you must know that, in this season of your life, for all that I am about to do with and through you,  anyway that you are that does not fully reflect me has just got to go! Hand it over. Nothing is impossible with me. I fixed dried up bones. I fixed dead people. I am pretty sure I can fix you cos THAT way that you say you are? It's beneath my optimum for you and I do not do mediocrity.

Yes, I was speechless. What kind of God is this? What kind of love is this?  I pray someone reading this will understand that God is ready to help you with that issue too. Whatever it is. Hand it over to him. Please.

All around, we are being told that this is the time for 'The Better'. God wants to give his children more, better. I believe it. I also believe that to get to our 'more and better' we cannot remain 'just the way we are' anymore. 

I get angry easily. It's just the way I am
I don't know how to forgive easily. It's just the way I am
I find it hard to apologise even when I am wrong. It's just the way I am
I believe more in getting than giving. It's just the way I am.
I am a very standoffish person, even in church. It's just the way I am
I believe people should greet me first and then I can reply. That's just the way I am
I judge people by what they are wearing. I can't help it. It's just the way I am
I must always have the last say. It's just the way I am
If you hurt me, I have to hurt you back. I cannot let it go cos that's just the way I am.

Shall I go on? I think not. Suffice to say that operating in any of the above ways, is beneath God's optimum for you. This may be the way you are but it's less than God created you to be and people of God, to walk into all God has for us in 2013, we need to kick the devil out of our heads! THIS is not just the way we are! This is just the way that goat shackles us, steals, kills and destroys us! Enough!

Let's go to God tonight and all of this week and ask him to work on us and remove anything negative in our lives that we have explained away in the past with the words 'That's just the way I am'.



  1. I know the maker can remould what he has built over and again; but with God, there is a touch of completeness and goodness when He created mankind. Humans only allowed the patches of dents, with a headiness to be 'that's me'. In my opinion, 'that's me' is not true! We only need to love and obey. Lol!

    1. Love God & Your Neighbour
      Trust God
      Obey God
      Gbam! You nailed it Debby!
      Doing all of the above more each day will change us.....little by little

  2. Yes o. No matter 'how we are', we can always strive to be better. Abi, is that not one of the reasons why we have the Holy Spirit in us?

  3. You are right! We all have used that saying not even knowing why we are saying it. Change is good and you don't want to be the same person you've been all these years, especially if you see no growth. So, I pray that someone see this and they too want to change.

    I have nominated you for a liebster award!

    1. Oh, thanks Martina! I appreciate that. Bless you so more!

      Yes, Change, positive change, is always good. No change makes us ‘stale’ and not sure how the prayer for me to decrease and God to increase in me can ever come to pass if I am not willing to change. That ‘dying process’ is a continuous change process.

      And you know, since I made up my mind to correct my mindset about that ‘way that I was’ and began to believe I could be different, better, I have been able to change. Baby steps, but steps all the same and I can see the impact too……..awesome! Thanks for coming by!

  4. oh my, oh my, this is the word for the moment. All I need is grace to yield myself totally to Him.

  5. More Grace Lord, more grace. For Sykik, for me and for anyone desirous of real, lasting change in Jesus name. Amen! Thanks Sykik for stopping by. Truly appreciate it!

  6. "That's just the way I am" is sometimes an excuse for not wanting to change! Excuses are our way of resisting any change that has the capacity of taking us out of our comfort zones.

    That's just the way I am is just another way of saying "sure, you don't expect me to do this/that at this stage of my life?. Well if you do, I do not share your views. Pheew!

    Lord, help us to be willing to yield to your will and desires for our lives .

  7. Hmmm. Very timely word. Thanks Salt.

  8. Anytime Mstizzle, anytime. To God be all the glory though cos all we do is cos he lets us.


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