Thursday, 31 January 2013

Reading Revelations - At the End of The Day

All this time, even though I have not said anything about it, I have still  been reading and meditating on the book of Revelations and I hope you have too. Actually I hope you have been reading not just the book of Revelations, I hope you have been reading your Bible. If we are not careful, life has a way of stealing Bible reading time away from us and that is just a crying shame cos of all the activities of life, this is one of the most critical for us as Christians. The word of God, as we read it, cleanses us, feeds us and empowers us. The devil knows this all too well and that is why he lets you watch a three hour movie with your eyes bright as day but the moment you pick up your Bible? Those same eyes begin to droop in obedience to slumber!

Anyway, though I may not totally understand all that I read in this book of Revelations, as I round up my reading, there are four things I understand for sure.

One, I understand and know for sure that I do not want to be around after God raptures his people. My name must be written down in ink in the Book of Life. I don't care the sequence. I don't care the timing. All I care about is not being where ever pain and torment occurs. See, all I know is that hell is real and heaven is real. I am not concerned about the what, why or how. All I care about is not being in the wrong place at the end of the day.

Two, if I don't know how to worship God now, I shall not fit in up there. My word, do you see how God is worshipped up there? That is some serious worship. No shame. No self conscious-ness. No, 'before people see me-ness'. The worship was intense and selfless and continuous and best of all, it was with reckless abandon in recognition of a God who is worth it. Is that how my worship is now? Is it sincerely just for God or is it for show? Lord, please help me to worship you in spirit and in truth. For you and you alone. For at the end of the day, God knows those who are worshipping him for real and I want to be one of those.

Three, I know that if it were possible for one person on earth to break the seal of the scroll in Chapter five, I want to live in a way that it would be me. I want to be worthy to break at least one seal. PapaGod, help me to live such a life. It's in Jesus name that I ask you. Hear me. Amen. Not sure what I mean? How about you go read the fifth chapter of the book of Revelations?

Four, I see, understand and know that Jesus Christ and I are an engaged couple. He is my groom and I am his bride to be and so are you as long as you call yourself a born anew Christian. So what kind of 'fiancee' are we being? Are we truly preparing for that great wedding day? I look at my life. Please look at yours. If Christ came right now, what kind of bride would he find in us? A lovely bride ready, oil in lamp, unstained bridal dress? Or ugly bride, snuffed out lamp, scarlet dress?

There is so much I am trusting God for in 2013 and I know he is faithful to grant them to me and mine but at the end of the day, when all is said and done. all I really want from God are these words:

'Well done my dear Salt, here are the keys to your mansion, go now and rest forever'.

 Tell me, don't you want to hear the same words too?

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  1. Wise counsel. We all need it, to understand that sanctification comes from reading 'the word' daily. Nowhere else would wisdom come, but the word of God that guides and teaches.


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