Monday, 14 January 2013

BuyCommonThings.Com's Free Chi Chicken & 2010 Diary Promo!

Register, Shop, Comment, Win! As easy as BCT!
People of God, I cannot shout o! You know I love to share good news, right? Well, here is the thing and I am typing super fast so forgive all typos in advance!:

My favourite online grocery store, is running a new promotion for about a month or so and guess what one of the prizes is for those blessed and highly favoured registered customers? A copy of the 2010 Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman! Personally, I think that is just awesome. How about you? Lol!

However, should you not be a book lover or the prospect of getting one awoof copy of  my book does not float your boat (I cannot even begin to imagine why not sha *shrugs shoulders*. Lol!), I believe you sha like to eat chicken cos you also stand to get two whole CHI Chickens (frozen) totally FOC. All you have to do is register if you are not a member already, shop and leave a comment about your experience. If you are already a member then simply log in, do some shopping and leave your comments.

And I know these people are listening to feedback so please tell them exactly what you feel. Also available is BULK shopping for those of us who prefer to buy in cartons. Stress no further, just log on to their webiste, register and check out the 'Buy Carton' feature!

In case I missed anything, please click on this link for all the information you need on the new bulk shopping feature and the promo: : The Bulk Store & FREE CHI Chicken + 2010 Diary of A Desperate Naija Woman Promo!

P. S. Do share wide and far especially if you have loads of contacts who live in Lagos, Nigeria who will benefit from this service. It's not just about the promo. It's about making life easier for the women in your life. At least, I know they have eased my shopping stress a lot! They have saved me time and even better, they have saved me money. I can testify!

Share to your FB, Like their page, Tweet it, Re-blog this, in short, spread the love!

That's it for now. My jingle is over.....

The Salt News in full will follow shortly.



  1. Hi Ma. I have tagged you in the BBC book list tag. Please, check the most recent post on my blog for details.

    1. Sadly. I am really horrible with these tag tasks. Plus I am sure I have only read a hand full of those books and mostly because we had to in school. Lol! I cannot promise my dear but I shall try. At least I shall highlight the ones I have read but may not do the tagging. I have a good excuse for this - Most of the people I know on blogsville, you have already tagged. Lol!

  2. Now this is how jingles should be!! LOL!! Congratulations on your book being further advertised for you. I've never heard of the site before o but it looks "promising".

    Looking forward to the news (lol)

    1. Shebi? Lol!? Thank you o jare Mstizzle. Honestly, give them a try. You will not regret it.

      Stay tuned for the Salt News right after this. Lol!

  3. Why only Lagos? what happens to Abuja?

    1. Dear Eya,

      Abuja is right next in line after Lagos. Soon! Stay tuned. ;-)


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