Saturday, 29 December 2012

Salt LIkes BuyCommonThings.Com

Salt likes loves *Two Thumbs Up + wide grin*

I not just like them. I brag on God for them because not sure how I would have managed without them today. This is the third time I have used this online shopping service that delivers household goods, groceries and frozen foods to your door and I have not been disappointed once. Not once. In fact, the first time I used them, I ordered late for a same day delivery but based on my ' I beg I beg' mail saying that I would really appreciate it if my order could be delivered same day, they did. Imagine that. In Nigeria? Not used to that at all especially for a first time order.

Anyway today, you will not believe what I have been up to. I planned to spend the day at the salon getting my 'do' did as I really would not want to cross over into a new year with what is on my head. That was my plan but thanks to my wonderful ex-housekeeper and ex-cook and their awesome housekeeping skills I have been cleaning and scrubbing and 'flitting' cockroaches all day! Women of God, I tell you for free no one can keep your home like you can. I was telling my hubby, trying to hold back tears, that our house is filthy and it made me just want to quit my job and stay in my house and keep it clean all by myself!!!!! Anyway, let's move away from this jist so I can take my mind off all the bugs I have had the displeasure of meeting today........

So back to the customer friendly, working woman friendly So being as my plan was to finish from the salon and head to the stores to get some much needed supplies and here I was stuck in my own personal episode of 'Clean House',  I needed help. And I needed help quick. Ping! I remembered and as God would help me, it was still early enough (before 12 noon) for me to get same day delivery so I took a quick break from my cleaning and logged on to order. Bam! Just about twenty minutes ago, my order was delivered to my doorstep. I love it when people keep their promises. They saved me time and going by the prices of their items, I saved me some money too. What's not to love?

And you know what I love about them even more right now? They take feedback so well. I mentioned one or two things I felt would help them improve their services and before you could say 'may I take your order', they had implemented one and promised to have their IT people look into the other. How about that?

Anyway, I am still sweaty and covered in grime but just wanted to come share with you the goodness that is In 2013, I really think this is one service that will save us working women some time and money. I mean, even if you are like me and you are into retail therapy, biko, it cannot be about buying milo and harpic! Lol! The feel good factor I get from retail therapy is not from shopping for foodstuffs nitori Olorun! It is from shopping, even if it is window shopping , for clothes, shoes and if you are me, glossy magazines!

So how about you save the link in your favorites right now and give them a shot next time you need some home supplies. You can even do bulk shopping with them. I plan to try that next time. As far as I know, if you live on the Island - Lagos, VI, Ikoyi -  you are good to go but click the link to check out other locations they might be serving. You can pay via bank transfer to their account which is what I always do, pay on delivery or use Quicktellar to pay I believe but don't trust me, just visit their site, all the info you need is there!

I have put away all my stuff in my pantry. I am very happy (even though dirty) and grateful to God for the wherewithal to purchase said stuff and for the brains behind, I ask God to continue to breathe on this venture and to bless every single member of the team. I wish you all and every single working woman, wife and mom out there a God ordained 2013 in advance. May God keep all your homes in Jesus name. Amen.

Tolu and everyone at, thank you! For your uncommon customer service! As my people will say, may your hands keep reaching higher! I for one, shall, by the special grace of God, continue to buy common things from you in the coming year!

For now, my people, eku ipalemo odun tuntun! The Lord that has brought us thus far, shall take us all over to the other side. The 2013 side in Jesus name. Amen!


  1. Good testimonial here! See you too on the 2013 side of life in Jesus name. Amen!

    1. And I got a personal thank you phone call from the CEO of the company himself!!!!! Can you imagine that? It's like the CEO of Amazon calling you for blogging about your experience on its site. At least in my mind. Lol! Happy New Year Debbie!!!!!

  2. Well, I think online shopping has come to stay in Nigeria. My hubby bought something from one of the online shops (Jumia) and I must also commend their services . sure to get you looking in thier shops again. And you know the part I find most appealing? # wait for it# " the pay on delivery option!!!!

    if it doesn't match what I ordered online, I am not parting with my money. I just love that option!

    ok, nuff said already! #takes a walk, actually, cat walk!#

    1. Yes, I have window shopped on Jumai and almost bought some stuff but then wisdom took over. Lol! But I will sure try them when when other priorities are taken care of.....You go girl!!!!!

  3. @Salt, @Bernnie: here's what one of our apparent users, just like Salt, had to say with respect to your last posts above. Read:

  4. Personally, I may not know much about these other options BUT this I know. I am a die hard BCT-comer! At least for household and groceries. I cannot wait till you do other things like Fresh vegetables, baskets of tomatoes/pepper, books, and a wider range of frozen stuff like beef, chicken breasts, etc. Those are the only things I buy outside of right now. I know it is just a metter of time!

    1. @Salt: thanks for the feedback above. We will start tackling the other frozen food sub-categories you mentioned and give serious thought to the others. Stay tuned.


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