Monday, 31 December 2012

In 2013

Sunday, 30/12/2012

OK, first of all, you know there is something special about a company when its CEO takes time to call you just cause you blogged about it. I tell you people, watch out for these people in 2013! But don't just watch, be a part of the vision, buy your common house hold things online from!

Anyway, as I cleaned out my kitchen, covered in sweat and grime, something occurred to me. How on earth did I ever think that an outsider could clean my house just the way I want it? As I knelt in front of my you-will-not-believe-how-grimey-it-was oven, I shook my head in utter disbelief. How did I let this happen? This is my house. I should not have left it to some 'person' to keep clean. I should have been paying more attention. Work was no excuse.......

*Bam! NEPA takes light, as in we just lost power and there is no electricity for any non Nigerian person reading. Yesterday is today and I had to go to the passport office to chase our passports cos that is just the way it is in my dear country. However on the way there I read The Vanguard and boom! I changed my mind about what I wanted to blog on this fine last day of 2012. Right there in the car, I blogged this blog in my head and now, I share it with you one day later the day before the New Year*

Monday, 31/12/2012

And it is just perfect cos all the words I read under the Ella Randle column were just an excellent paraphrase of all the three blogs percolating in my head under different titles as I cleaned my grimey kitchen. Why inflict you with three blogs when I can inflict with you with just one? Lol! Seriously though, as I read her column I was truly in awe of how well all she said captured most of my thoughts over the past three days. I share them below. Of course, knowing me I have tweaked them a bit but how else will it be a Salt blog if I don't? *smiling sweetly*

In 2013, stop berating yourself for being a work in progress. There is nothing wrong with that. It does not mean you are not good enough today. It simply mean you want a better tomorrow. A better year. A better 2013. In 2013, love yourself completely so you can live fully. Be determined to heal your heart of all that takes you back and bogs you down. In 2013, it is good to love and respect those you love and respect but do not, I repeat do not leave it to them to clean you up. They can't. Only God can clean us up and that is why we get no where looking to a mere mortal to make us feel better about ourselves. How can they when they are trying to deal with their own stuff? Please, sista mine, broda mine, go to God for cleansing, forgiveness and justification and once he helps you feel better about yourself, let it go and focus on expanding your mind and cultivating the God-given gifts you know God has given you to share with your world.

Listen, in 2013, no one else is going to do 'you' for you. You must do 2013 yourself and you must do you as an original. Don't let anyone tell you who or what you are. Listen to one voice only. God's voice. He speaks to you in your heart. In 2013, pay attention. Please dear one, let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions louder than your words. Live. Laugh. Love with reckless abandon. Give, even when it hurts cos that is when you touch God the most. I know this to be true for a fact. Please, in 2013, live by choice not by chance. Make changes in your life. Not excuses. Be motivated, Not manipulated. Yes, in 2013, Work to excel in your own God given niche. And not to compete! If you must compete, compete against the 'you' you were last year!

Dear friend, in 2013, listen more to your own inner voice instead of the crazy, jumbled up opinions of others. Remember your 2013 road is yours and yours alone. Others may walk it with you but no one, I repeat no one can walk it for you! I agree with you Ella Randle and Mack & Angel Hack, life is not easy one bit. But O, praise Jesus my life so far has been worth it. It has been hell sometimes but I would not trade it in for any other. Trust me, I don't always feel it but I choose to believe it. In 2013, so must you! Yes, Your life is so worth it! But a word of caution my friend, In 2013, as much as God in our your side, do not expect it to be easy. This life we are living is not easy and if we think it is we will end up being disappointed. Achieving anything worthwhile in 2013 is going to take some effort. So do me favour please:

In 2013, start every  morning ready to run farther than you did the day before and fight harder than you ever fought before. And above all, trust and obey God more than you have ever done before. Finally, dear one, if there is one resolution you should make in 2013, it should be to carry more of 'God' in you than you have ever done before. Let your light shine! Be a living, talking Jesus Christ! 

For in 2013, nothing will stand in the way of those who carry 'The King' in them!

Hapi Nu Yia my People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To God alone be all the glory!!!!!

We made it!!!!!!! (True, it is just 8.16pm on the 31st of December but this is a statement of faith!!!! Plus it must be 2013 already somewhere in the world, right? Lol!)

*laughing away and dancing my new 2013 happy dance*


  1. Happy New Year dear friend. I was blessed no doubt, and I look forward to more flavour from the Salt Chronicles. Thanks

    1. Happy New Year Debbie!!!! So much of this blog speaks to me too.

  2. This is a powerful message! Thanks for sharing and may 2013 bring us all more than we ever imagined!

    1. It truly is Myne. I tried to highlight the bits that spoke to me the most then had to give up when I was more or less making the whole blog in bold font! Amen and Amen! Much more in the ways that matter the most to each of us in Jesus name. Amen!

  3. "Love yourself completely so you can live fully." ~ Absolutely beautiful! Happy New Year! You've done an excellent work in the past and we look forward to even bigger and better things for 2013.

    1. That is one of my favourite bits of this blog too. Happy New Year Yvonne! I am excited about this year......I think something is about to happen in the lives of those who will truly believe.......Thank you so much for coming by in 2012.......Looking forward to sharing more with you this year!

  4. Happy new year. I loved this "Listen to one voice only. God's voice. He speaks to you in your heart. In 2013, pay attention. Please dear one, let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions louder than your words. Live. Laugh. Love with reckless abandon."

    in 2013, I intend to love my hubby with reckless abandon, like I have never loved him enough. lolz! and my kids too, and others I may come across (this is the hard part though). #winks#

    1. *High-fiving you Bernnie* We have twin commitments! Yes, I too have resolved to love my mgm and kids with reckless abandon and you know what else? I am not saying a word to them about it. I talk too much anyway. So for this one, I am letting my actions speak louder than anything I can ever say. It's just been three days but so far so good.....I am loving via God's helps with the other people matter too cos you are right, that is harder......Happy New Year!!!!!!


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