Friday, 14 December 2012

Funny People

Nothing shall mess with my Christmas mojo!

I am so grateful I know God and that he is my standard of what a good, loving person should be like for were I to use human beings as my indicator or guage, I would be a truly sad woman. People are just funny.

They want you to move on, be better,  but do all they can to root you to the spot with their distrust and journeys back into places in the past you are doing all you can to relegate to the bottomless pit of forgetfulness.

They want you to love generously but their own hearts are so stingy doling out their own love only in return for some crazy expectations (that ugly word again) that just erode life out of your Life.

They want you to be friends but say and do things that you doubt even the most fiendish enemy would stoop to. I know it sounds over the top and me too, I wonder, 'how can this be?' Beats me but one thing I do know sha and it is this: The world is full of funny people.

I have also come to the conclusion that it is possible to love people but not like them very much. *smiling wryly*. Or let me put it this way, it is possible to love some people yet totally abhor the way they behave. Abi? What do you think? It is sort of like how God loves us yet hates our sins. Yes, I am feeling like him right now. I am loving some people yet hating their sins against me. The funny people (not funny 'ha-ha', they are funny 'how far?') are trying me sorely. But in keeping with the season, I shall not be moved. Jesus is about to be born and no one, I repeat, no one, is going to mess with my Christmas mojo.

Right now, eleven days to our divine D-day, I am not happy. I am not sad. I am just numb. Nevertheless, I look behind me, I look to my left and to my right and I look at my today and I am so extremely grateful. Funny people or no, I can roll for God from here to Mokola in Ibadan in gratitude for the little things like food in my freezer even if my pantry looks so empty. In  gratitude for little big things like my eyesight and my fingers tapping away at this keyboard right now and my ability to feed myself and even just cos I can pee when I want to. In gratitude for big little things like my kids surviving another school term going up and down one of the most perilous roads in Lagos if you ask me.And in gratitude for the big big things like my heart still beating in my chest, for the hope that springs eternal thanks to the season we are in and most of all for the knowledge I have in my heart that God's love for me is deep, wide, high, agenda-less and best of all, unconditional.

This season it is my prayer that all the funny people out there will take a leaf out of God's book and quit being so, so, well, human. Try a little divinity for a change. A little divine love never hurt anyone. Who knows? You just might like it. Plus life is a boomerang remember? You get what you give.

Now, if only I could find a way to get these funny people to read this blog. Lol!

Merry Christmas in advance People and remember, refuse to let the funny people out there mess with your Christmas mojo! Ra ra, nothing must kill our gratitude to God o! Lailai! We will rock this Keresimesi and we will rock it well!

The First Ever LAGOS CITY Monopoly!!!!

Btw, I really cannot think of a better Christmas present to give to that family friend you care for deeply. Monopoly!!!!! I grew up playing this game with my parents and brother and it holds a special place in my heart cos I remember how much my mom loved it. Even though she absolutely hated ending up in Jail!!! She always took it so personally. Me? I loved getting a chance to open the 'Community Chest'.  Let's go get our own and see how Bestman Games have 'Lagos-ified' this classic family game. Well done to Nimi Akinkugbe and everyone at Bestman Games!!!!!


  1. No, you won't allow them kill your mojo. Lol.

  2. Please oh let nobody mess with Aunty Bola's Christmas mojo.
    This is my favorite part "Try a little divinity for a change. A little divine love never hurt anyone. Who knows? You just might like it."

    There is nothing wrong with a little divinity, it helps remove the veil from our eyes and see like Jesus which in turn helps us to treat others the way Jesus would want us to.

    I am so glad you chose the gratitude route, there is nothing like it. Absolutely nothing like it.

  3. @ilola: Lailai!!!!

    @Funmi: Eh-hen, tell them o jare. Lol! Yes, a little divinity in each of us would make our worlds better places to live in. It was not easy but I chose to keep my mind of my many reduced 'the power' of the funny people. They eventually became insignificant in the scope of things....... Thanks Funmi.

  4. ◦нê◦нë◦нê◦нë◦нê◦°◦ @ "funny how far?".
    Some people really are funny sha and seem to have talent at tweaking one the wrong way!

    No one can spoil ma keresimesi mojo! This sista is super high on excitement.

    A friend told me about this Lagos monopoly ooooo,and says he going to get it...can't wait to see it. I hear jail is kirikiri. Loooool!
    I grew up playing monopoly and loved it eh! I loved when I got to own hotels on parklane/mayfair....biggs gurl things! ℓ☺ℓ

    1. I know!!!! But as at today ALL funny people and their 'funny-ness' done away with. My Keresimesi mojo is on fire! Lol! Thanks in part to you, your excitement is infectious.

      I so want one of those packs. I am praying someone will read this and dash me the game. Apart from the Community Chest, I also loved setting myself up on the Electrical Company and the Waterworks Company. Those two were 'money' back them. I sure hope they have not used NEPA or PHCN o! Lol!

  5. Lol@ "I am praying someone will read this and dash me the game". I sha haven't given up hope on getting christmas presents in January, all na love, abi?

    Anyway, I suffered aloss of a loved one few weeks to Christmas, but nevertheless, I know my GOD is UBER Good. He has been good to me and my family and whatever did not turn out the way we had intended/hoped, it has and will never stop my declaration that God is Good! My thanksgiving mojo is still up and running. Lord, please give me the grace to sustain this mojo in and out of season!

    As per the Electricity company in Lagos monopoly, PHCN is your cash cow baby! Whether light dey or not, their bank account is the colour of the rainbow. if you don't cooperate, you will hug darkness or power your house by yourself ( we already do that, dont we?) Pheew! Lawd have mercy!!! (In Madea's voice) #wink#

    1. Lol! I love Madea and just watched Diary of a Mad Black Woman the other day for the umpteenth time. I remember when my first Diary came out, I was accused of 'stealing' the title from this movie! Only thing is I heard about it and watched it after I started blogging....But even if I stole it, who better to steal from than Tyler Perry! Lol!

      Seriously though, so sorry to hear about your loss. May God continue to heal all your hearts as only he can. I am not sure if there is any one out there seeking to love and serve God that does not have a 'Nevertheless' or a 'Regardless' in their lives. That is what faith is all about.......Believing God through our thick and our thin.....

      Thanks Bernnie.........


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