Sunday, 16 December 2012

Dents, Rips & The Future Robber.

Life is a gift. Enjoy it
No matter how painful or screwed up it feels like sometimes.
(a quote from 'Grey's Anatomy')

I agree.
2012 took over the baton from the last runner of my life in 2011 and continued to erupt into volcano-like molten lava of pain at different points along the way. It was one rollercoaster of highs and lows that sometimes left me panting for spiritual and emotional air. Screwed up is an understatement to be honest were I to use it to describe some days and weeks. Yet, I am so glad I stayed alive to live those days and survive them. My days up till now have all been gifts from God. Sometimes, I got my wishes. Sometimes all I got left me hissing. Still, here I am today. I am standing. Still sane and I believe way stronger mentally. I enjoy knowing this but what I really enjoy is the frustration this must be causing in the camp of the enemy. Priceless.

I may be dented but I am NOT a dent.
I was listening to a song all of last week. Don't know who sang it and even though I cannot remember all the lyrics right now, two bits of the song stuck with me: dents in my fender and rips in my jeans. The singer, a lady sang about how her life felt like there was a war waging against her destiny and even if sometimes the dents in her fender and the rips in her jeans prevent her from seeing and believing, she still knew that Christ had already won the battle and she was still confident that he had great plans for her. You might know this song and perhaps that is not what she sang but that is what I got. Therein lies the awesome power of music ministry. Anyway,

I agree.

God, the Master Designer can fix/work with my rips.

If I were a car, I would be a wreck. The kind that no amount of human refurbishment could save. If I was a pair of jeans, I would be in tatters. The kind that no amont of patchwork could fix. But I am so blessed that the mechanic in charge of my revamp. The designer in charge of my re-purposing. The one called to 'pimp my ride', to 'bling my jeans' is not human. He is divine and where man-knowledge and skill ends is where his God-knowledge and skill begins. Halleluyah! So it does not matter if for most of 2012, I coughed and spluttered and jerked back and forth as my engine struggled not to 'knock'. What matters is that I am still here, still believing, still standing and that God has promised that he can work with and through all my dents and rips to take me where he wants me to go.Today, that singular thought is enough for me.

In Phillipians 3: 13-14, Paul says he does not think he has arrived where he wants to be but that one thing he knows is he would forget the past, leave it all behind him and continue to reach for the future.  He was not going to let anything keep him rooted in the past thereby robbing him of his future prize in Christ Jesus.

I agree
I know I did not wake up one single day and committ to allowing the enemy rob me of my future but somehow, in little installments, that is what I have done and/or allowed people to do to me. It has got to end with this year. If you know what I am talking about then join me, let's make one of our 2013 committments to be about leaving the past hurts, regrets, failures, cold wars, animosities, mistakes, mis-steps, mis-people, mis-places, mis-choices, in short all of the negatives behind in 2012. Let's ask God to help us so that goat of a  'future robber' will not steal away our 2013 and beyond.As I type this, I am choking at the huge effort this is going to require from me cos try as I might in the last year, I have had mild to serious bad bele for certain people. I know something has got to give. I have been drinking poison and hoping they would die. We have 15 days till the end of this year and they are still alive and well. They have refused to die! Die! Die! So I am just going to give up. The poison is messing with my spiritual mojo *smh and smiling wryly*. How foolish can a woman be?

No one says you have to wait till 31st of December or 01st of January to begin thinking about how you want to live your life different in the coming new year. And even if they did, I refuse to buy it. Now is as good a time as any. I might go into the new year with a few dents and rips left over cos that is what being a divine WIP means BUT by the ever abounding grace of God, I refuse to go into 2013 with that evil future robber all up in my business.

How about you?


PS. I found the song on Youtube. It's by the lovely Francesca Battistelli and it is titled 'Free to Be Me'. Listen to it. Is is almost better than reading the post. Lol!



  1. when is the future? Tick... tock... the future is here. He won't have it in Jesus name.

  2. How else would there be an inspiration but this? I am inspired and I just want to dwell on the many lessons I am seeing here.

    1. So do I Debbie. So must I. For I must live what I preach, abi? PapaGod, help us please o!

  3. That is the exact same meaning I get from that song as well.
    I love that song as well. I agree with you, I refuse to wait till the new year to change my mindset, I can't afford to do that. My change starts now and will continue when the New Year rolls around.
    P.s. I can't beleive I watched that show 'pimp my ride'. I would never drive any of those cars they pimper, they still looked ugly and unneccessary....Lol. I also love how you cal the devil goat, I mean what animal could describe how stubborn and unrelentless he is.

    1. Yes, so that by the time the NY rolls in, we are already close to some new habits......

      I could never understand that show either. I just loved watching the reactions of the owners. Almost like how I feel when they 'move that bus' for EMHE.

      The devil is a goat period. He just won't give up. I guess the lesson is neither should we. We must pursue God just as relentless. More paaapa! Thanks for coming by Funmi!

  4. I feel you....the song is by Francesca Batistelli. There is an acoustic live performance of the song and her intro of why she wrote it. It is called "Free to be Me".
    I can't seem to include the link to the YouTube video.

    1. Citcomedian!!! Great to see you hear. I LOVE this song. How about you post the link in a comment back to me so I can watch/listen to it? Thanks for ooming by.


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