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3. 5 Lessons From A Christmas Concert

Deck your hearts with rows of hope! 
I am not a huge fan of Christmas Carol concerts. I am not sure why but I find them quite boring and have to make myself focus on the deep meanings of some of the lyrics, the spirit behind the songs and most especially the Person behind the songs to be able to survive the whole event.

Anyway, my son is a member of The Ark Bearers Club, a group of kids between 5 and 18 who, during this season, go about singing carols at homes in my estate and its environs. In exchange, the families give provisions, money, clothes, etc for charity. This year, instead of going around, they had one big concert and it took place yesterday. This year, all donations are going to the Arrow of God Orphanage, Ajah and The Children Development Centre (CDC). It’s such a laudable cause and I am grateful my last born son is a part of something that teaches him to think of others. I also brag on God for the life of Toke George-Toyon who is the woman who has mentored and coached these kids towards achieving what was just a whim in their young hearts back in 2010. Anyway, if you want to learn more about how you can support The Ark Bearers, you can call Toke on 0803 200 1277. So, here are the 3.5 lessons I learned last night as I watched the children:

1.0 Being Taken Unawares is not a nice feeling.
There I was sitting jejely next to my sister and daughter, wondering if I would create too big of a scene if I just jumped into the swimming pool that seemed to be calling my name when the next thing I knew the MC was walking towards me. What now? I wondered. Did my son need something? No, he, the MC needed something. He needed me. Toke had decided I would take the opening prayer! I was momentarily in shock. And I did not like the feeling at all. I felt caught off guard and even though I have prayed many times in public, this time, I was not prepared spiritually or mentally. The way I felt showed that there was some kind of break in transmission between God and I and the worst bit? I was not even truly aware of it! It sucked. There and then I knew I did not want to feel that way ever again. 

Morale of Lesson 1? In three short Be-phrases: Be Prepared Always.  Be Connected Always. Be Rapturable Always.

2.0  Dance to your own music. Move to your own rhythm. It's more Fun and God likes it.
My son is just a gem. He truly is. I am not sure what songs he was listening to in his head but it could not have been the same ones his mates were singing. Lol! As they did their choreographed steps to the right and left, my son just boogied the night away. It was hilarious and I had a blast just watching him groove to his own beat. He did not mind that he was the only one doing his own thing. He seemed to be having more fun actually and I know I was pleased that he had the courage to be different. To stand out. To be free........I am not sure how come they kept him in the choir but I guess they appreciated the extra 'je ne sais quoi' his wriggling added to it. Lol!

Morale of Lesson 2? God is pleased too when we stay true to who we are. When we dare to be different. When we refuse to move to the monotonous beats of the world and its inhabitants. Just cause they say it is the right way does not mean it has to be your way. Why look like, do like, speak like everyone else when you can do you and stand out? Listen to only one beat as you dance in this life. God's beat and have fun with it! Like me, I am sure God will have this huge grin on his face as he looks down and spots you in a crowd sticking out like the star you are because you have refused to fit the mould. You have chosen to be the original you.
3.0 God is better Mother than me.
If you are a parent, then you will get this. Tell me, when you go to watch a show and your kid is in it, do you see any of the other kids at first? I don't. My focus is on my own child for the first 10 to 15 minutes. I am totally  transfixed by his every move, glowing in mother pride and thanks to a God that saw me fit to be a partaker in such a blessing.....and then I notice the other kids. Lol! I remember when my first born son was graduating from 6th form school back then, I was trying hard not to be too bored watching all the other graduands stroll in but the moment I spotted my son, you would have thought Michael Jackson just came in. I was so excited! Lol! I am a mother partial to my own. How for do?

Morale of Lesson 3? God is a better mom than I am. This world we live in is a stage and as we play our roles, God has his eyes on each and every one of us equally! Come on! God is just excited to see you out there as he is to see me. God has his eyes on all of his children all over the world and best of all he recognizes each one of us perfectly. Like Kirk Franklin says, millions are calling his name yet he knows my voice. He can pick your voice over all the voices calling out to him in prayer. God's attention is never off you. How awesome is that? Aren't you glad this is true? I am.  Yes, I am glad God is a better mom than I am o!

0.5. Even though God has his eyes on all his kids all of the time, he never misses a moment in the lives of any of one of them. That is not possible for moms like you and I. The moment I took my eyes off my child to admire and appreciate another child, I missed one more hilarious move or some quirky gesture he made and there is really nothing I could do about it. It is just so reassuring to know that God never misses a moment in my life. He has an eye on each one of us, all the time. He never looks way, he never sleeps, he never slumbers, he never even blinks. Awesome God!

Morale of Lesson 0.5? You can be at peace this season and as you enter the New Year cos God has not missed one moment of your life. He knows where and how you are and for sure, he knows what you need. And if he could, in a bid to give you all that you need, come down from heaven and 'reduce' himself to the human form, a human baby form, tell me why on earth will he not meet your needs? *exhaling* I am going through some serious moments, some tough moments BUT I feel good right now cos God just told me that none of this, none of it can compare to the joy I am about to enter into to! And I believe him.

You should to.

Isn't it funny the lessons you can pick up at a Christmas Carol Concert? *smiling*


  1. The first lesson is for me. The mind is an incredible thing, it really is. Who can really understand it? Most of what happens to us in life, we do not expect. Even when we are been expectant, nothing ever happens the way we want it to happen. But if our mind is ready and connected to our Source, we can handle anything. Isn't that amazing?

    1. Yes, Funmi, I found out that staying connected to the Vine is not just for most of the time. It is for ALL of the time.

  2. God can actually use anything or event to talk to us. You picked up really great lessons.

    1. He does @ilola. He really does. It is just for us to be attentive and of course expectant. Yes, expectant first and then attentive.

  3. Nice column. Great lessons worth the share.

  4. Vey good lessons. I'm particularly thrilled by what the children are doing for charity. Our world needs more of this.

    1. I know. To think that they thought this up all by themselves is what tripped me. It was not like Toke called round asking kids to come together. No, a group of them, five boys, were playing in a friend's house one day they thought how great it would be if they could channel some of the time they used playing doing something for other less privileged off they went to Toke to share their idea and that is how The Ark Bearers was born. As I watched them tell their story, I prayed silently that their hearts will only continue to grow in such love for others.....


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