Thursday, 1 November 2012

Reading Revelations

Reading Revelations......For You.
This is going to be real quick. 

The burden to post this has been heavy on me and so I will do it today. But I have to try my best to make it a KISS blog ( I know, I always say that and I fail woefully. Doing short blogs is just not my style I am afraid). Still I must cos I need to go to bed kia kia so I can wake up bright and sharp tomorrow morning. I am facilitating a workshop and the participants are some of the big honchos of my company so I cannot mess up! Say a prayer for me. I want to do good so that the glory of God will shine forth and I want it to be a productive workshop for all who attend. 

So why should you read the Book of Revelations? 

Before I deal with why, let me share what Dr. Okey Onuzo shared about what we should be looking out for as we read. Forget understanding the whole thing. It is a prophecy so you will only understand in part. So instead, when you read Revelations, look for:

1. What Jesus did for you you while he was here on earth
2. Where he is now
3. What he is doing where he is now
4. What he is doing to and for the saints who have already crossed over
5. What will happen when he comes back
6. How will he judge the earth
7. How will he reward his saints?
8. What will happen after he winds up history

So, bottom line, this time, when you read, try to find answers to the above. When you do, this is what will happen to you:

1. Your personal loyalty to God will be strengthened
2. Your obedience will be more spontaneous
3. You will be able to give up worldly pleasures more easily
4. You will get to a point where you will become a 'no nonsense' Christian.

I have not started my own reading yet to be honest but I will. Over the weekend. I hope you will too.

See, I am not saying that Dr. Okey Onuzo knows it all. I am sure, even he will not claim anything like that. However, I believe that if we read this book in this new way rather than trying to figure it all out, we can only become better Christ followers. I don't know about you but I want to live my life in a way that would get me to heaven.

Whether or whethern't.

So if reading Revelations as prescribed by the good Doctor helps me do that. 

Then read it I shall.

How about you?  

P. S before you start, ask God to send his holy spirit to help you understand what HE wants you to understand. OK? Oh and btw, as Doctor Onuzo said, this our Christian life IS a struggle. Do not be deceived. It is NOT a piece of cake.  You have GOT to want it, to win it.


  1. Replies
    1. Proper one but we must overcome. He has promised to help us, even though our strength be little like that of the true Christians in the Church at Philedephia. He recognises that it is tough and we are sometimes at our wits end BUT he encourage us to hold on and to continue to obey his command to persevere. His reward will erase the pain.

      Strange until I read this, never knew God had a commanded us to persevere......which means first of all, that it is not a suggestion but a command and second of all, it means he knew that it would not be beans to overcome in this world. He knew we would need to persevere severely.

      Yes, as you can tell I began my Revelation Reading this morning. I am reading with very fresh eyes.

  2. I like this idea. I am going to save these questions for when I intend to read the book of Revelation.

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