Sunday, 11 November 2012

Reading Revelations - Which Church Are YOU?

'Now to the church of (insert your name)..
Now, I am not going to list out the different churches Jesus sent letters to and all they did and did not do. I could but I will not. Another thing I will not do is tell you which of the churches reflected my spiritual state the best before I began reading Revelations. And to be fair and in spite of the title of my blog,  I shall not ask you to tell me which one best reflects your walk with God either.  So fear not!

What I can and will tell you is that reading this part of the bible and listening to Dr. Onuzo break it all down for me has taken me to a place where I see now that my pursuit of saltiness (God-usefulness) has got be relentless. I must, every moment I am awake, be in a relentless pursuit of holiness. Like the good Doctor, I wonder how come we do not hear loads of sermons based on these letters to the seven churches more often. Perhaps the body of Christ would not be as it is today. Just perhaps.

Anyway, here is the thing. Even if you have not heard a lot from this part of the Bible from the pulpit, nothing stops you from studying it now by yourself. Do you know why? Because, at the end of the day, the church is not a person. It is made up of people. People like you and I. We are the church. So these letters are really to us. Think about that for a long minute.

So are you Laodecean? or Thatyiran? Or Ephesian?  Or Sardisian? Or like me have you just made up your mind to be a member of the church at Philadelphia? Because of all the seven churches, this was the one church that Jesus did not rebuke. No doubt the members had seen 'nwin' but still they remained true to Christ. They did not deny him when times were rough and he was going to reward them for their passionate patience and  deep loyalty. He was going to make them pillars in his sanctuary. Come on! Don't you want that? No matter what we are looking to gain in this world we are living in right now, no matter the wealth, the accolades, the honours, the prizes, the promotions, there is NOTHING that can beat being a pillar in God's sanctuary.

As we go off to another work week, I really encourage you (if you have not/never done so) to read these seven letters in the Book of Revelations and ask yourself a very important question. 

Ask yourself, which church am I? 

If Jesus were to write you a letter today, what would he say about the state of your spiritual life? Remember, no matter what you are 'forming' he knows your works, good and bad so there is no hiding place. He knows the real you. So imagine you just got a letter from Jesus Christ in the mail today (or via e-mail as the case may be).

What would it say?

P.S You must admit, this does make you wonder though what Jesus Christ would say in a letter to any of our Pastors (Dr. Onuzo explained that 'the angel of the church' for us today would be our pastors)? I mean what would a letter to Pastor Adeboye say for instance? Or to Bishop T D Jakes? Joel Osteen? Joyce Meyer? Creflo Dollar? I would really love to know....but then again, that is not my business. What concerns me is what Christ will have to say about my life, my works, my relationship with him. And frankly speaking that is what should concern you too. Cos no one is going to ask you what church you belonged to when your time is up and you face the Judge of all judges.


  1. Hi DNW, Yes! I want to be a member of the church of Philadelphia. I fear rebuke no be small o.

    1. Lol! And from Jesus Christ on top of that! No, we shall be commended when that time comes. No rebukes in Jesus name. Amen. Let's be relentless about pursuing that. Thanks Eya!

  2. When I 1st read revelations years ago,I knew the church I could have been a member of. Reading again over the weekend I realised I was still in that zone somehow..
    True,I read the letter to the Philadelphia church and just said to my self why can't I strive to be a member of this church.

    If Jesus were to write me an email,I wonder.

    1. I know what you mean Tamie......I know. But we cannot be marking time anymore. We need to move forward.....We really must.......But you know what, God wants us to move closer to him just as much as we do so I just keep asking him to help me each word, each thought, each deed at a time.......Join me.


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