Sunday, 4 November 2012

Reading Revelations - Back To A Place of Worship

Worship is who I must be
First of all, Happy First Sunday of November! Wow, where did the year go? I brag on God for keeping us all from January to date. It is not a given. Not one bit. So please just take a minute to thank your Father in Heaven for sustaining the beat of your heart. If nothing else, he has done that and he has done that well.

So, I began reading Revelations on Saturday.  I asked the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to see new things as I sought to find answers to the questions Dr. Onuzo had asked me.  God heard me cos I found them. I am sure there is still much gold to mine out of this book but so far, all I have read led me to ask myself the question over and over? As I am living my life now, will I overcome? 


Because over and over,  as Jesus Christ spoke to the different churches, he made promises to those who overcome.  Go read the first four chapters yourself and find out what his promises are. My favorite, I think, is the one that says he will make me a pillar in the sanctuary of God. I just love that. True,  I could easily type them all out for you. But apart from you finding out for yourself all that God has in store for you if you make it through life being true to him, I also want you to read what he had to say to the seven churches and figure out where you fit in. Are you a member of the church at Sardis looking alive in Christ but in reality being totally dead to him on the inside? Speaking all the christianese but lacking a vibrant prayer life? Or perhaps you are a member of the Laodecean church,  lukewarm? This is a good time to find out. Read and shine the torch inwards and then make all the  u-turns required to get yourself back on the side of the over-comers. And fear not, God allows u-turns all the time. I should know.

One thing I will share with you here is this: 

When you strive to please God, heaven will be opened to you. Reading Revelations afresh, I see that worship is very important to God so I figure that worshiping God is one sure banker way to please God. As you read the first four chapters you see worship every where. You see the elders casting their crowns before God in worship. We should do the same. Cast ourselves before God. Lose ourselves in worship to God. For once, forget about your laundry list of wants and needs and spend some quality time just  praising and adoring God for who is in your life and indeed in the world. It is when we build this level of intimacy with God that we get to a point that God is so 'hyped' on our adoration that he begins to ask us what we want. Yes, reading Revelations has reminded me that going to God just for stuff, to get what I want 'diminishes' me. Limits me. But not anymore.

I am making a u-turn. I am going back to a place of worship.

Please join me for I believe, deep in my heart, that this is the key to all we seek.


  1. Yes, you are on point dear Sistadivine, let's all go back to the place of worship, because there, our maker Baba God receives our praise and goes out to war on our behalf like He did for the Israelites at Jericho, and for Paul and Silas in prison. May God make us worshippers indeed. Thanks for the reminder, am joining you to make a u-turn too...need to truly worship God for being the glory and lifter of my head.

    1. You can say THAT again. God is the spine in my back, the stride in my step, the lift in my neck, my one and only, my all in all. BUT for him? I cannot even imagine. Just thinking about that and we should be able to worship very well. Even if we think of what this country shoul bde BUT is not, we can find cause to worship him......Thanks Sisdivine, for joining me, God, via his Holy Spirit, will help us.

  2. When you try to please God, I know that he also will find ways to please you. God may just be receiving more requests than thanksgiving from us.

  3. No doubt he is. If I look at my time alone with him alone. I can see how I am contributing to that is going to change. Now, when I sit with him, I shall spend a good time reminding him about all he has done for me and thanking and adoring him for being so good to me. Things have got to change. Thanks for coming by Eya

  4. Reading this made me remember Solomon, it was after he worshipped God through sacrifice that God asked him what He wanted and to this very day he is still reffered to as the wisest man that ever lived. To worship God often requires sacrifice; sometimes we have to sacrifice our self image, we have to change priority and so much more but He deserves it all.

    1. Exactly Funmi! Imagine if we could just try to beat Solomon from a sincere heart? Just imagine how God will move for us.


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