Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's All God's Fault

How did I get so blessed to be your mom?
How did time go by so fast to make you almost nine as I type?
How did that happen? 
Was it just not yesterday that I was trekking my big belly
through the cold, windy streets of the Windy city?
Did I not just have my vitals taken as I checked into your birth room?
Was I not just speaking in tongues as I covered the entire room in the blood of Jesus Christ?
My dear mini mgm, I am sure I just gave birth to you some minutes ago?
So how on earth can you be turning nine in 10 minutes?
How on earth did I get to be so blessed?

I know, its all God's fault.

But it is true. You are going to be nine tomorrow.
And as I wish you happy birthday my little mini mgm, I brag on God with all my heart!
You are special. A true one of a kind. You keep me on my toes. 
Your brother and sister recognized the 'eagle eye' in those days. 
You ask me if there is something in my eye. 
Your older siblings believed everything I said. 
You ask me again and again to explain how come God  never sleeps?
But still you are the first to remind me to pray 'Peace be still' instead of reaching for pain relief
You have no 'filters' so you say what you feel and you feel what you say.
I know of no other that can call me 'Big momma' and it almost sounds like a term of endearment
Even though I know you call me that cos you think I am fat *smiling wryly*.  
Over and over you tell me you love me but I need to lose weight and look more like Jennifer Lopez! You know, you must be pretty adorable to get away with such son-on-mother harassment. Lol!
Ahhh.....I think of all the laughter you bring to our home and all I can ask again is how did I get so blessed to be your mother?

I know, no need to look any further. It's all God's fault.

And so today, my little mini mgm, I brag on God for your life. You are so wise and so annoyingly inquisitive sometimes. But I would have you no other way. I know God has created you for great things and I am so pleased to be your mother. And your papa is thrilled to be your papa and your brother and sister will really not 'throw you away' cos the truth is we know we are blessed to have you in our family. We wish you a wonderful birthday tomorrow. We thank God for keeping you safe and healthy all these years. And even as I type these words, I am placing you in God's hands all over again cos that is the only place I know to keep you where you will be totally and completely safe in every way. He gave me to you so I know he will keep you for me. He told me so in his Word and I have never known him to fail.

So if I believe that you are not just going to do wonders but be a wonder. If I know that you will always be head and never tail. If I am convinced that you will be safe in your going out and coming in. If I know deep in my heart that you have the mind of Christ and are growing up in his stature. If I am positive that you are daily being filled with God's spirit, it's because my Bible tells me so. God's word never fails you see so like I said before all that I am, all that I have including you my dear, sweet last born son.......

Is all God's fault. 

And I praise his name for being so faithful and true. And I wish you a very Happy Birthday tomorrow Aniekan! We, your family, love you but what trips me most is that God loves you way more.


  1. Aaaaawwww, so much love. I wish him a very happy birthday. Big hugs for both momma and birthday boy. May he grow and bring you much more joy

    1. Thank you Bimbola. Amen! Amen and Amen!

  2. Really nice.. Happy Birthday to your son.:)

    1. Ay, Thank you.As you celebrate with me, so shall may celebrate with you!

  3. This is so sweet. Happy birthday to your son. I wish him many more blessed years ahead,

  4. What a beautiful way to celebrate your young un's birthday!
    I only just wished you had put up a picture of him.

    Yeah! Its all God's fault that you are so blessed! Me too!

  5. This is so sweet. Happy birthday to him. He will live to celebrate his own children too.

  6. Happy birthday to your mini mgm.
    This made me smile.

    1. Thank you Tamie. You know, of all my children, he is the only one that is truly openly tripped by this birthday blog. My older dota tells me its because he is young! I should wait till he is 13! Lol!

  7. @Afronut: It is all God oh! Hia! Put a photo of that my son on my blog! I will never hear the end of it. He already thinks he is a famous! Lol! We took some before he went off to school and I will upload over the weekend. Thanks for coming by.

    @ Eya: Thanks dia. Amen o!!!! Amen for Aniekan. Amen for your children. Amen to all the children related to us by marriage and by blood in Jesus name. Amen!

  8. Happy belated birthday Aniekan! God bless you!!! Salt is blessed to have you as a son, and you are blessed to have such an amazing woman as your mother!

    1. Thanks Jenny. Amen and Amen! Aniekan was so chuffed by all these wishes. He felt like a true star. Lol! We give God all the thanks for all the lives of our children, all the children in our lives.....


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