Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Chasing Bicycles

Lately, I have taken to chasing bicycles. 

Well, actually, it is just one bicycle. My nine year old son's. I promise if you wish to add some spice to you daily walk, try going out with your child on a bike. It is like doing the treadmill on the interval setting except that you don't know when the speed is going to be revved up! I thoroughly enjoy going out with my son for a number of reasons: One, it is a fabulous way to bond with him. He says the most outrageous things and while I am laughing I forget to think about how far we have to go. Two, it keeps the pace of my heart from dropping because whenever he gets too far ahead of me, I have to jog to catch up and I kid you not, I can almost feel the fat sizzling as it burns off my hips! And three, when we laugh together, when I look across at him and see the sunny smile on his face, my world just feels alright. Regardless. I tell you some of the most priceless things in life don't cost a dime.

As we go, me running, him riding,  I yell out instructions - Stay on your side. Warnings - watch out for that dustbin. Encouragement - Boy, you are way faster than me. Well done! Threats - If you go into the middle of the road again, that's it! Isn't this sort of like how God mommy's  us as we ride our bicycles along the road of life?

As I run along side him, making sure that I was on the car-side of the road while he was safe by the kerb-side, I thought of God and how he too, must be running along side me shielding me from on coming life-traffic. Only difference is he is probably not panting and sweating like me. But just like me, he keeps his eye on his kid no matter how far ahead s/he rides out.

As I shared time with him, talking to him, looking into his eyes as he smiled at me, tried to answer all his zany questions (mommy, why can't we change the estate's name. I mean, it has been called the same thing for ages. Since I was four!  What should we call it?) in between pants for oxygen, I realized how content I was just then. How blessed I felt. How at peace I was and I thought to myself, these are all the same feelings I feel when I spend time with God. Best of all, I figured that God must feel like me and any mother out there when she gets to spend time, quality time, with her children.

Isn't it funny the kind of of thoughts you can have while doing something as mundanely random as running with your child? I like it when this happens because being able to see God in everything around me, being able to sense his grace, mercy and love in the simple things of my life means that somehow my mind is always tuned to his frequency.

Even while chasing a bicycle.




  1. Very inspirational post, got me thinking too. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Myne. Thank God for the gift of blogging. So free-ing.

  2. God really does mummy us. It's amazing cos He never gives up. And I like that you see Him in everything around you because really He's in everything around. He created everything!! so ofcourse He'll be in everything and every situation. Sigh... I just love Him.

    1. Mstizzle, he really is. I thank him so much for the way he is bringing me up to see him in all of life....Thanks for coming by.

  3. Wow, I'm always tuned to his frequency, even when blogging. Thank you, Salt

  4. Eeya, such priceless moments. *now feeling mushy on your behalf*

  5. Well done DNW. This is inspirational, hope you had a bottle of water with you?

  6. You know, for once, I actually did. Though it was a pain to log along. Lol! Thanks Eya!

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