Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Gratitude Letter to God

(a gratitude letter to God inspired by The Shack)

Yes, I thank God for you too. Yes, YOU!

Thank you

For not being about rules, regulations and/ or performance but about relationship.
For letting me know that I am important to you so everything I do matters to you.
For opening my heart to understand that your forgiveness is a 'once and for all' matter
For not being content with just forgiving me. For continuing to chase after me for a relationship
For telling me so often that you see my tears and are working my pain out for something good
For not doing condemnation. For not being about humiliation. For not wanting my shame or guilt
For hugging me often and reminding me that all these have been nailed to Jesus' Cross
For loving me enough to give me gain and smiles. For loving me through my pain and tears.
For being there even when I hated you and judged you and called you names.
Oh, dear PapaGod, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.
For you.

For showing me that it's wrong to try to put you first in my life. You don't want to be first
You want to be right in the middle of my business. Not first. Centre.
For reaching out and letting me know you don't want bits of me. But the whole of me
For renewing my mind almost with every thought. For the refining fire that brings out my godly bling
For knowing just when to take me out of the furnace so that I glow not char.
For assuring me that I could never disappoint you cos you don't have expectations. Just an expectancy of how close you and I can be. Like how you are with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
For loving me even though I have nothing to offer you thereby freeing me of any pressure to perform
Oh, dear PapaGod, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you
For you.

But you know what Lord? Today, right now, what I am most thankful for is the fact that none of my choices are stronger than your purposes for my life. Nothing, no one, not even me, can stop you from having your way in my life. You are so incredible that you are able to make all my choices, good and bad, work out for the ultimate good and most loving outcome for me.


Yes, I have so much to thank you for PapaGod but this last bit is what I am most grateful for today, right now. Thank you for not allowing me or anyone be strong enough to change your character or powerful enough to alter your purposes for my life. Therein lies my hope today.

You are simply the best and  I love you.



I had to choose to be thankful today cos I was not feeling it to be honest. But like with all things such as Love and Forgiveness, being in an attitude of gratitude is a choice sometimes. It's not about feeling it, you just do it........ and I do feel better. At the end of the day, life is all that matters. Life in God, that is.


  1. I was reading this and I had no choice other than to be grateful because I am definitely not feeling it today either. This encouraged me. Thanks for sharing

  2. hello
    you are always on point with your articles, but i want to ask something. i found out something really terrible about someone i look up to as a big christian sister and wife. but i found out everything i thought about her is false. shes just a big fake(putting it mildly) and i feel hurt, disappointed and do i deal with it, should i confront her or just avoid her

  3. I can only say what I would do. If I truly care about this big sister of mine I would talk to her about what I have heard. Not to confront her but to hear her out and see how she responds. I figure, if we are that close, I owe this to both of us. When you say EVERYTHING about her is false, what do you mean? Did she do something specific or is it that she is not a christian living what she preaches? Either way, unless she told you she was not human or told you she was above reproach or maybe gave you the impression that she was perfect then how did she deceive you? If you go to her and she is able to look you in the face and admit her wrong...then if I were you, I would let her deal with her wrong with her God without having to deal with your disappointment and un-forgiveness too. But that would be me and perhaps I say the above because in recent times, I am sure there might be one or two of my close friends who might feel the same as you do now. Some have dealt with me like I am human and loved me through it. Others have chosen to cut off all ties. I am fine with both reactions but as you can imagine very grateful for the first set.

    You know sometimes we humans place people on pedestals they did not ask for. Pastors, Bishops, even the Pope, they are all human and granted they should live by what they preach as should your friend BUT the fact still remains they are still prone to the devils temptations or whatever. Be like God my dear Anonymous, he does not do condemnation. Let your love for your friend be bigger than her error.

    But like I said, that would be how I would deal with it. I leave you in God's hands. Let him guide you. As my mgm says, be careful how you judge though cos you just never know where you will find yourself some where down the road......but for the grace of God. Above all, PRAY for her your friend.

    Phew! That was a long answer......Hope I helped in some way.

  4. Hmmmm, the genuineness of your words are touching, thanks for the advice, I guess I have to pray for her and her family mostly that they stand through whatever hurt they have caused each other and when I have the guts I will tell her all I know about her, and express how hurt I felt and hear her out too because ultimately we are all humans me and her inclusive. If God could forgv David of adultery and murder, forgv Paul and all the many others in the bible, I too can look past what she did and learn that nobody's life is perfect it is only by the grace and mercy of God we all live. And no sin is too big or too small so my so called small sin isn't different in some ways from her "big" sin
    Cheers, D

    1. Anonymous, you have said it all. If you do this, if we all could be more like this, our world would be a better place. God bless you.

  5. Hmm... Funny enough, this sounds like you really wrote it from the bottom of your heart. So so indepth, and it applies to me in a lot of ways. I am learning to maintain a good attitude in the midst of trials


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