Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Darkness Must Not Swallow Us Up.

The darkness must not swallow
up my country

I have had a blog percolating in my head for days now and I was so sure it would be my first official Salt blog but this is more important. Way more.

Nigeria is spiraling out of control and I know why.  I shall not beat around the bush, I will just tell you as God told me. I must repeat that I am not a Woli. I am just a Nigerian woman who is very concerned about this country of mine just like many of you are. I have many things on my mind but yesterday in the car on the way home, Nigeria was uppermost. Nigeria, Mubi, Port Harcourt, Floods and Fuel queues. What in the world is going on, I asked my PapaGod. He told me to read Job 12.

I brought out my bible to read in the car but then  got distracted by my thoughts and by the time I came back to myself, it was too dark to read in the car. So I made a mental note to read it before bed. I did and that is where I found out what was ailing this country of ours. I could post the whole thing here but I want you to demonstrate your love for Nigeria by going to read it up yourself. yes, you go and read Job 12: 13 - 25 and see what is 'doing us' as a nation. And when you see what is 'doing us', please pray.  Join me and pray for our country. In case you have not noticed, there is fire on the mountain! And no matter how far it looks, it is very close.

PapaGod, true wisdom and true power belong to you. The leaders of my nation have sought wisdom and power from strange sources and hence thrown Nigeria into a vortex of mayhem. Lord, I stand for my nation, my people and ask for your forgiveness today. Please have mercy on us and turn back the gloom and devsatation from our land. Free us from leaders who have become like the blind groping during the daytime as in the dark. Deliver us PapaGod from leaders staggering around like drunkards. Lord, please just have mercy on Nigeria. It is Jesus name that I ask you for this. Hear me O Lord!

Lord, flood this darkness we are in with your light. Bring your awesome, restorative, cleansing and renewing light into the darkness that is threatening to swallow us up. Raise Nigeria to the heights she belongs to. Make her expand in peace and cause her people to expand in love for one another. Give our leaders understanding and renew their insight. Lord, give us leaders that will refuse fake wisdom and power and turn to you instead for you alone are able to lead Nigeria out of this mess we are in. It is only you and that is why it is to you I come tonight. I have prayed in the name above all names. The name you said you will always honour. The name at the mention of which you said every knee must bow. In the name of Jesus Christ. So Papa, hear me. Move for my country. Thank you. You alone are worthy. You alone are God.

These were the words of the prayer I raised to God at 11.54pm last night. These are the words of the prayers I believe we must pray in addition to all other prayers for our country. So that this darkness will not snuff out Nigeria's light completely.

No matter what happens, we must not get tired of praying. The devil cannot win this battle for our nation. I Salt, shall not allow it. Will you?


  1. It is just too much right now. Have mercy Lord.

    1. Amen! Have mercy! He will hear us Eya. He will.

  2. Replies
    1. Great and then please pray as led. Thanks Atilola!

  3. Replies
    1. My sista. I tire but we must not tire. We must not.

  4. No I will not oh. I have to go read those verses and pray. Thanks for sharing your prayers for our country. God bless you Ma!

    1. We must not Funmi oh. Cos if it is not well with Nigeria, we cannot live and enjoy all the blessings we are asking God for. Thank you dia.

  5. salt!!..i felt sad when i read that part of the bible cos it is indeed truth.
    refusing to acknowledge God in our deed or look to him as the ultimate source brings woes and calamity and i had to ask God to have mercy on me too wherever i've looked elsewhere or myself that i can make it on my own.
    and i join you in praying for our country ma. your prayer really touched me and may we continue to season this country with our saltiness as Christians and shine as Light to clear away this terrible darkness for the bible says.."Rghteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to many.''
    but the light shineth in the darkness, and my dear, the darkness could not and will never comprehend it in our nation. This i Pray IJN.amen

  6. Amen and Amen to your prayers.....and mine.


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