Monday, 15 October 2012

The Cure Is Fear

I don't know of any Nigerian that is not thinking of, worrying about, praying for Nigeria. No doubt, there is fire on the mountain and no doubt our leaders are the usual suspects to blame but over the past few days as I pondered and prayed for myself and family, God has shown me, through his word, that me too, I am part of the problem. And if you are Nigerian, so are you. We, you and I, are Nigeria. If we want our country to arise from this murky mess of evil, we ourselves have got to change. 

Nigeria is bad because its people are bad. Nigeria is a mess because we, its people are a right mess. Nigeria will only become all that we know it can be when we, as a people decide to be all that God has called us to be. It's funny cos when I was led to read Malachi 3:16 to 4:3, I read it with the mindset of finding what God had to say to me about my new journey. But the more I pondered over this and the other passages I was led to read, the more I realised that God was also trying to get me to understand that as a people, we are jointly responsible for the current situation of Nigeria. 

I am my country and my country is me. What ails me ails Nigeria and what ails Nigeria ails me. And what is the cure for the disease that ails us? The cure is Fear. Yes, we, each one of us, needs to go back to a place of true reverential fear of God. When we do that, 'The Sun of Righteousness will arise with healing in his wings' over Nigeria and she will 'grow fat like a stall fed calf and trample over all her enemies'. Don't you want that for our nation? Don't you want that for yourself? Cos truth be told when you go and read the scriptures it will become clear that God wants to turn Nigeria around by turning your life around and all he is asking is that you fear Him.  

And you will never walk in the fear of God until you lose the fear of man!

If you have been with me since 2009, you will remember a blog I shared about me being caught in a lie. I am such a horrible liar. I always get caught. Always. That day God opened my eyes to see how me lying just showed that I was more afraid of the person I was lying to than I was of him. I was scandalised and ashamed. I hated being caught but what I hated even more was putting my God in second place to any man. It is just borderline madness really. In recent times, I have done a whole lot of soul searching and this is one area I need to work on. Lying, not speaking up for what is right, not speaking up for your faith, conforming to the world to avoid office or people wahala , laughing at nonsense jokes just to 'feel among' and even being afraid to contribute during team meetings because you are scared to say something silly are all just ways we fear man more than God.
It's been a while since I read out of the Book of Zechariah so when I felt the urge to read it over this weekend I knew it was somehow connected to the Malachi passage above. Please read Zechariah 8:11 - 17 and 23. Then round it all up by reading Psalm 15 which I read today being the 15th of October. It's uncanny how they all tie in together. If we want to see a turn around in our lives and nation, we ourselves must turn around and face God squarely. Yes, Nigeria is huge and it does seem foolish to think that just by you and me living right in God's eyes, healing can come to this country but my faith is like that of a two year old child. My PapaGod has said it so I believe it.

How about you go read those scriptures yourself and see all that God promises to do for you and Nigeria, how he wants to cure all that ails us if only we would meditate on the word, live by the word, love man and.....

Fear God.



  1. Its funny how lying is not rated as a big sin compare to others like killing and even stealing. Everyone lies at least 23 times in a day, I saw that in a Christian video on youtube about lying. We don't want to deal with the reaction of others, that is why we lie or hold back from telling the truth. I am so guilty of this expecially if I know how that person will react.
    I can't wait to read this scripture. From your writing I can tell how fired up you are about neglecting the fear of man. I want that same fire oh. God help us so we can help our country.

    1. My dear Funmi. Yes, I am fired up and I thank God for that. But what I want the most is to go to bed every night knowing that God will not tell me he does not know me. I just cannot deal with that. I want God to know me. After all is said and done. He must know me. Being part of Nigeria's healing and seeing my family prosper is just the added advantage/prize. Bless you for coming by. Be fire up o!

  2. i have not been here in a while. life happens. but i have not forgotten that one day in the past when i was in a down moment and needed some objective counsel i called up your number on phone and poured out my heartbreak story and you called me right back and spoke words of comfort, faith and hope to me. that relationship did not heal but as you will read @, it was all playing me into Gods own prepared love story. thank you for the seed of support you sowed.


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