Friday, 19 October 2012

So You Don't Want Battles?

Really? Are you sure about that? *eye brow quirked*

I mean if you don't have any battles in your life, how, pray tell, do you plan to experience any victories?

*ping* Yes, I know the light bulb just went off for you the same way it went off in my head yesterday evening during Power, Praise and Pentecost, one of my favourite week day services. I have to confess it has been ages since I attended a week day service. So many reasons. None of them worth repeating. But as part of my new season revamp, I re-committed to my PapaGod to do all I could, by his grace, to attend at least one week day service. To be bona fide Salt, I just cannot be a 'Daraprim' Christian. So yesterday I was in church and apart from being so grateful to God for keeping me all this while, the moment we began worshiping, I remembered why I loved Thursday service so much. It was awesome. The presence of God was just so tangible and maybe it is the fact that church was not as full as it is on Sundays, I felt like I was having a one on one with my PapaGod. I was truly refreshed.

Anyway, the statement I made at the beginning of this comes out of what was shared with us during this service. It struck me so much that I knew I would share it with you especially cos it somehow tied in to my last blog. You see, in order for you and I to experience victories in our lives, we have to come up face to face with some foes, fight some battles. Have you ever heard of any football club winning a match without playing a game? No, to win, you have to play. It is sort of the same thing with us. To be over-comers in this life, we must 'come over' some obstacle. To be a champion, we must get in the ring and face the challenger. And the beauty of it all is that the fight of our life has been fixed in our favour! Hallelujah! Yes, Christ died on the Cross to win all our battles for us. Do you hear that? The battles you face have been won already. Look in your Bible, you will see gazillions of scriptures that prove it. Colossians 2: 14 and 15 for instance. Check them out to boost your faith! So, if you already have the victory over all the battles you are facing what is left for you to do?
Enforce it!

A true Champ needs a solid kit.
Yes, let's stop praying to God to keep battles and challenges out of our lives. That would really reduce our lives to a level of mediocrity devoid of the wonder of seeing God move for us. No, I believe that what we should pray for is more grace to stand our ground on the word of God and enforce our victory! We really must cos if we don't then we are more or less telling God he wasted the life of his only begotten son. Kai! Why would we do such a thing?

Anyway, please think about this as you enjoy your weekend, OK?

Woman, come and cry out!
P. S. Ladies, may I invite you to the 5th Woman Cry Out (WCO) Prayer Conference taking place tomorrow from 9am at the Best Western Hotel along Ahmadu Bello Way (towards the end going to the Eko Hotel turning? I cannot shout too much so if you know you desire to take back all that the enemy has stolen from you. If you believe you have some victories to enforce for yourself, your family your church and your country, I strongly suggest you attend. A word is enough for a wise woman! See you there!


  1. God speaks, we listen, and every word that goes forth from His mouth will not return void, but will accomplish what it was sent out to do. It is said the harder the battles rages, the sweeter the victory!

  2. I have already won the fight. My victory is settled.

    1. Yes, you have. Yes it is! In Jesus name. Amen!

  3. I want battles oh because I want to overcome. Battles make us mature in our Christian walk, if we want to grow we have to be willing to fight through, with God on our side of course.

    1. You just nailed it. God has got to be on our side in and through it all. I just attended the WCO prayer meeting and the word I got was that 'God is always on time, even in the fire'. Sometimes, we don't want to get into the fire cos we think then it is too late for God to move. But just look at Shedrack, Meshack and Abdenego, they were in the fire already and God went in there after them! Or perhaps he was even in there already waiting for them! Imagine that. God is always on time, even in the fire!

  4. I have also decided not to be a daraprim Christain. And true,battles help us mature. Brings us closer to our Helper.

    1. Yes Tamie! No more Sunday Sunday Christians here o!

  5. Insightful!

    Right now, i will be facing every challenge like a student that has an *expo* because i know my Victory is a done deal no matter how turbulent it gets.

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. Exactly Lanre! Exactly@ Thanks for coming by! I pray that with each 'exam' you move on to higher heights in Jesus name. Shining yo hid glory. Amen.


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