Friday, 12 October 2012

No More Buts

So what are you going to do now? Anything new in the works?

I have been getting these questions a lot since I announced my new name, Salt. The truth is I am not really sure I shall be doing anything different or more or new. My focus now is not on doing. It is on ‘be-ing’. Being who God has called me to be. We tend to want to do and do and do. Plan and plan and plan. It's not bad but me, I am a bit tired to be honest. I need some chill out time with my PapaGod. I just want to spend some more time ‘be-ing’ at his feet. Learning, basking, growing in his word and focusing on him and my prayer and hope is that as I do that, I will be-come the Salt that he has called me to be.

Doing is good but sometimes, I believe God would have us step aside from all the frantic busyness of our lives (even if it is doing good for him) and spend more time cultivating our secret lives with him. I am not going to slow down to a snail pace and I am not saying that I will quit blogging or getting my  next book together BUT I am saying that I shall not be looking to do more than he, all by himself, chooses to send my way. I shall not be actively seeking activity. I need a break and I firmly believe that, in my time aside with God and my family, my saltiness will be intensified. My flavour shall become more wholesome and my light shall become brighter. Bottom line, my authenticity as a woman of God will get a jolt of new life and blossom more because I have chosen to let self-absorption die. It is no longer about me. It is all about God and what he wants me to be. Not do. Be.

You see, this is why I am a human be-ing and not a human do-ing

I have come to understand that, inasmuch as God wants us to go into the world to shine forth his glorious light and win souls and do good work in his kingdom THAT is not what he created us for. I think God created me mainly to BE with me. He wants me to enjoy his company. To fellowship with him. To remain in his presence long enough for him to pour his love over and into me. God knows that it is when I do that that I will be empowered to go out into this world, no matter how mad it looks, and live in dominion doing great and mighty works for him.

Let me share a passage from the Bible God showed me as he talked to me about my new name. I want us to get into the Word more so I shall not paste it here. Please go and read II Kings 2: 19 – 22. When you do, you will find out why, in this season, I want to do less and be more in God’s presence. It’s because I don’t want any more buts in my life AND I want to be the kind of Salt that when ‘sprinkled’ on the source of negative things, situations or people, turns things around for good

(Hoping you just read the passage)

The lady is smart and a lovely Christian but her 'Boaz' is yet to find her. The child is a healthy 11 year old but is still wetting the bed. The couple is doing well, loving but has no child. The woman loves God but is still scared of dying. The man of God preaches up a storm but little foxes still plague his life. The business is doing well but the account is still in red. The lady is so beautiful but she suffers from deep depression…..Do you get the idea? All is well BUT.

Please, I do not want any more buts in my life! How about you?

Then maybe you need to Do less and Be more in this season. Or at least, if you must continue to do, then spend even more time being with your God.  I know I aim to because:

My goal is not to do.
My goal, in this season, is to be.
To be all that God has created and called me to be.
Flavoursome and full on Jesus Christ.
It is out of the abundance of 'my being in Christ' that I shall do all I am sent to do.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
The bottom line is that I am not a human doing.
I am a human being and so by the enabling & loving grace of God
I shall leave all the buts behind me and
Be Salt.


  1. I just had to come back and read this post twice and I also read the passage. It made me numb, yes numb. I give myself excuse not to have overflowing joy because I am not where "I" want to be.

    An example would be, I should be happy but I choose not to because I am still single. My face is finally clearing up after years of acne but I can't be happy till it is all cleared up, which only God knows how many months that will take. I am about to graduate university but I am not in medical school yet so I make sure my joy is not overflowing, it is only half way full.

    A state of being seems so relaxing and refreshing. Its like God, if this is where you want me to be, I will stay here and learn and grow and learn and grow BUT in the meantime I will be at peace. My joy will still overflow knowing full well that my future is in Your hands.

    God help me, God help us.

    1. Amen. Amen. Funmi, you have once again shown me that as long as these blogs are God ordained, his children will get what they need to get out of them. Praise God. You have put a different spin on it that I was not even looking at. How we put off enjoying God's best for us in our NOW because we are waiting for something in our FUTURE. We allow some present BUT to steal the joy of God in us. Thank you for bringing in this perspective. May we all train ourselves with the help of God's Spirit to show God we appreciate him NOW regardless of any BUTs we may have in our lives. In fact, may God help us to leave all those buts behind us (which, physiologically speaking, is where they belong! Lol!)

  2. Hmmm...DNW..uve got me speechless with ur tot provoking post.thanks For ds

    1. Please Sugarspring let all the thoughts this blog provoke in you lead you to a closer walk with your PapaGod. Let them open your eyes to see more of God's love over you.

  3. So true.....I tend to spend less time in prayer and study of the Word when I have "Impt Things" to do, forgetting that those are the times I need to rest more with God. Ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣k Ɣ☺ΰ for reminding us of this. God's blessings on you and yours.


    1. Dr. Lily!!!! Good to 'see' you again. True, it is one of the meanest tricks of the devil - making us think we can 'save' with with God till we are less busy! Thank God for his mercies and love over us for many of us would have self combusted had he not just 'felt sorry' for us and helped us even when we did not plug ourselves into him regularly.

  4. I want no BUTs in my life. Thanks for sharing


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