Monday, 8 October 2012

It's a Salt PhotoStory!

I have so much to share with you and I will. Just not know. Already God has been showing me new things out of his word and I am just loving it. It is as if he wants me to know that this is indeed a new season in my life! It is just awesome.

Anyway, work calls and it is just the grace of God helping me cos I am doing a million things all at the same time. Lol! Anyway, I am pleased to share some photos from the book signing with you (Today is actually the day after I first posted this - 09 October- and I have updated with more photos and I hope you enjoy looking at them).

It was such an awesome day in my life and I cannot brag on God enough. As you look at them, please just help me thank God. Help me hail him. He is indeed my Jehovah Too Much. The God who is God all by himself!

Shirley et moi! She kept her promise and
was one of the first people to arrive!

And she came with 3 guests too! Thank you Shirley!
Why is my mouth open? Maybe cos Shirley and her crew each
bought all 3 copies of my book. Adaora even bought 2 sets! 

Guests! Guests! Listening as I announced that DNW is now
SALT. It's a new day. A new season! Lol!

Uju Nwalieji, Atilola Morounfolu, Bridget Elesin, Renee Davidenko, Pam & Sam Evbota

Sheri Odunsi, Ibiye Osio, Ngozi Porter and Funkeyi Akintayo (signing)
OGQcs in da house!

Nkoyo Itegboje, Chichi Ohaeri, Bunmi Oluwole & Uju Nwalieji
I am blessed to have such sistafriends!

Felicia Okonkwo, Yetunde Oni & Yemisi Tayo-Aboaba. Such sistasupporters!

My Mgm! No words to express what I feel about this guy. No words.

Yinka Enahoro, Shalewa and Ibilola browsing my books! Love it!

Again, my mouth is open. I tire! Lol! Ifeoma and baby Phil, Shirley,
 Shalewa and another guest.
Love this. Yinka and Shalewa, one of the few guests I did not know
before the day. They just heard about it and came. I was so blessed by what she had to say about the Diaries!

Awwgh. Is she not the sweetest? Ibilola! She was the first to arrive
and she kept me company in Laterna's conference room where Laterna tried
to stuff us with food early in the 'morin'! Lol!

Dear Vicky from work. Bless her for coming to support me!

Atilola et Salt (yes, the name is 'shacking' me. Lol!

Your name please? Me, signing book? It can only be God!

Two Mgms and Two Ores.

Sola Macauly, the Founder of Faithdames
and Salt. She is such a Sistapillar.

Uwem Uko, my mgm and a friend from way back, Sam

Jide Adeosun, a true Supporter and hubby to Banwo Adeosun,
 a dear sista-friend and colleague

Passing on the Torch!

Early birds got the prize! I love people who keep to time!

O jare!

Bukky Adeyinka and moi!

My Pastor Seye! Such a blessing!

One of my favourite young couples, Charles & Oge
and Ngozi Porter. So pleased to see them all!

The books look so pretty, No? And I look so happy cos I truly was!
To God be the glory!

So there you have it, an account of all that went down in photostory style.  Can you do me a favour. When you are done looking at these photos, can you just take some time to appreciate God.  Thank him, not just for what he has done. Thank him for who he is. In your life. In mine, I kid you not, this our God is just one of a kind. We should send up a prayer of praise with every breathe we take.

We really should.

C'est moi



  1. Amen and Amen. I am so happy for you and I thank God for what He is doing in your life and mines. I give Him all of the glory!

    1. Thank you Funmi. To God be ALl the glory. He deserves it!

  2. awwwww,
    see me smiling when i read and saw the pictures. thank Baba God for His mercies oo, and His love upon your life. may you continue to wax stronger and go higher, today and always..IJN.amen

    1. Thank God indeed. I know, I smile sheepishly too when I look at these photos. Amen Sugarspring. May he take us all up to great heights! In Jesus name. Amen!

  3. Beautiful Beautiful pictures. Yes it shows you had a great time. I look forward to reading them someday.
    And you know ma fav pic bah? ℓ☺ℓ.

    Thank you Father for the grace you've given to your daughter to come this far. Its all because of you. To be the glory forever. Amen.

  4. Congratulations!!! I had the privilege of being at the Book Signing. I am happier still for now owning copies of the books. More 'grease' to your elbows or should i say fingers Lol

    Best of luck now and always.


  5. Congratulations and most of all to God be the glory!

  6. All glory to Jesus! We are grateful and I'm so happy. Greater works you will do for God in Jesus name. See me looking stunning!!! Is it really me? It must be God in me! Lol. Thank you so much ma for the privilege and honor to be a part of this great work God is doing through you. God bless you more! I'm yet to see my reply to my last mail (Sunday).

  7. I brag on God for you sis!! As always you are a breath of freash air. I am glad to be part of your beautiful story.

  8. Aww, the pictures look so cool, and so nice. I am very happy that I made it.

    Eeehhhmmm, the picture where I took alone with you, you called me Ibilola, lol. My name is Atilola oooo. Ibilola must have been really shacking you, which I am not surprised about cos she's really cool. Please, help me change my name back to my name before my mum sees this picture. Thanks

    1. This is so funny! (@the mum response)

    2. It is how I managed to miss this event that me I want to know!! Hein?! See beautiful people everywhere! And see how smooth Salt face is!! We see God's Hands there oh.
      Congrats again. We thank God for you and your 'MGM'.

    3. I don't know o! I so looked out for you. Lol! Thank you Zee and Amen!

  9. oh!!! I missed!! but I'm happy it was a success. God bless you more and more!! and I love the new name too.

  10. @Bimbola: Amen! Thanks dear. It did go well.

    @ilola: Lol! I have repented of my error o! I am glad you were there too.

    @Pamela: Thanks Sis. Indeed, God is worthy.

    @Ibilola: Indeed, the God in you makes you glow! Thanks for being there.

    YvonneEMoments: Thank you. Absolutely, to God ALONE be all the glory.

    @Anonymous: Why are you keeping me guessing now!? But thanks so much for coming and for buying the books! I almost know who you are! Lol!

    @Tamie: Forever and ever! He is just too good. Too good. Thanks Tamie.

  11. Just seeing this, very beautiful pics. Happy I was there o and am enjoying the book... I wrote a short story about the book signing on my blog...

    1. I am glad you were there too! Thanks Shally! Will surely check it out.


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