Monday, 22 October 2012

Even In The Fire

I was late for the WCO meeting. On my way, I kept praying to God to keep 'my own word' for me. I love the Woman Cry Out Prayer Conferences (WCO) cos I always get 'my word' and as long as I did not miss my word, then I would be good.  As I stepped out of the elevator that led into the venue, the floor was strewn with the bodies of women who had succumbed to the presence of the Holy Spirit. I gingerly stepped over their bodies and as God would have it, I saw Idoko and he found me a seat (God bless him!) somewhere at the back. And it was in that seat that I got my word.
God is always on time, even in the fire

Those were the words that came out of Pastor Bemigho's mouth just for me. And maybe for you, if you too, feel like life has just picked you up and thrown you into the middle of a fiery furnace. All you can think of is how to get out. In fact, you are wondering how come God did not save you in the first place. How come he just let you walk right into the fire? Is he not all powerful, why did he not prevent you? Why did he not save you from the crafty devices of the enemy? Why did he not save us from our own very selves!

Truth is, he probably did try. We just did not listen. (Selah)

So now here we are, dealing with what my people call 'afowofa'. A predicament of one's own making basically. A situation weh you take your own hand cause. And now, as you begin to see clearer into the pandora's box you have opened you go to God crying for cover, help and mercy. And God being God, looks into your broken heart and  gives you all three. Especially mercy. Instead of  justice. Cos God is just God like that. So full of love. Love that forgives completely and forgets totally. Love that does not keep record. Sometimes, I wish we loved more like that,we humans. But how can we? We are but humans. That kind of love is only consistent because it is divine. So I begrudge no one anymore. If you can not love me warts and all, then don't love me at all. Love is not a feeling, it is a choice and once you make that choice, you must act cos Love is also verb.

Anyway, before I derail, since the WCO meeting, till now as I type, those words 'God is always on time, even in the fire' have been a source of comfort to me. They make me think that, no matter what, it is not over cos God can still save me, even in the fire. He may not have caught me before. He may not have reached down and saved me from my worst enemy ever (myself), He may not have sent his angels to drag me back to my senses BUT that does not mean he is late now. No. Never. God can never be too late. God can never be too early. God is always on time.

Even in the fire! 

If you don't believe me, please go and ask Shedrack, Meshack and Abednego.



  1. This Word is apt for me.

    Pls wats your email?

    1. Hello Tamie, Just replied your mail. I am glad this spoke to you. Thanks be to God.

  2. God is always on time, but no on our own time. According to Donna Partow, "If God is in control and he loves us, then there are no crises, only circumstances sent by a loving God to bring us closer to himself."

    God does come on time, we just may be too blind to see it. At times, we feel so much pity for ourselves, that we ignore all the good things and signs God is showing us.

    God forgives and forgets, but it's a difficult task for us human beings. But with prayer, we can get there.

    1. Yes o. True words. Thanks for coming by Seun. Truly appreciate it.

  3. God is always on time! Word! True word!
    This morning He spoke to me about the wall of resistance I've been experiencing - it was from Him. Why? Because like Balaam, He will not let me go down the path that He has not chosen.
    So I've returned to my place of non-resistance - a puppet to be used as the Master Puppeteer sees fit.
    He has come in my fire...thank you Prophetess (and you are, no boast). May God continue to increase You for His kingdom.

    1. Amen! So happy you heard and understood and have heeded God. So happy Splitting Issues. You are in safe hands, cos having God as the Master Puppeteer of our lives is not like when it is a man or woman. God is the Master of the game of our lives. In his hands, we are secure. I know your testimony is on the way. I just know it.

  4. Love is not a feeling, it is a choice. I have been telling myself that lately. No one could written this article better than you did. Thanks, very on point for me.

    1. Yes it is Shally and that is why we need to be very careful who we choose to give our love to. Cos only when we have chosen right as God helps us, will the choice be easier when crunch time comes. You grab? Thanks for coming by love.

  5. Maybe I should just come and be living with you. So you can be preaching to me constantly

    1. Lol! @ilola! As I am 'preaching' to you, I am preaching to myself! We all need constant encouragement........


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