Monday, 29 October 2012

An Immeasurable Tragedy

Is my list priortised wisely?
Can I ask you a question? What is your ambition in life? Could you please answer BEFORE you read any further? Just take some time to think about your life goals and write them down. In five, ten, twenty years from now:

Where would you like be? Who would you like to be? What would you have liked to accomplish? What would you like to own?

(Did you make your list? No? Why are you still reading? Oya, stop reading and go do your list first! Lol!)

Anyway, hoping you have done your list let me continue my gist. You know, I just love Dr. Okey Onuzo. His words just have this profound impact on me. He speaks so clearly and so directly. I mean, this Sunday, the tone of his voice when he used the words ‘immeasurable tragedy’ to describe what it would be for any of us to miss heaven would make any one sit up and think deeply about his/her life, here and after. That is the effect this man has on me every time I listen to him. He is just a classic man of God. And indeed, it would be an immeasurable tragedy if I miss heaven after all I have heard, seen, learned, understood and experienced. After all that God has done, in my life, to make sure that eternal life is mine! It really, truly will be. I shall not in Jesus name! I just must not. Neither must you.

Now back to my question. And your answers.

Let’s take a look at your list. I am sure you had some professional/career goals, some financial goals, some of you would have academic goals, Status goals, even health and relationship goals but tell me, how many of you had any spiritual goals on your list? And even if you did, what number was it? One or Five or Ten? Be real now! The truth is many of us have so many plans; so much ambition and these are driving us hard and fast that we have lost sight of what our chief ambition should be - Making Heaven. What an immeasurable pity!

Like Dr. Onuzo said, I am not saying we should be NFAs (people with ‘no future ambition’). All I am asking of you and I is that we pursue all these other ambitions EVER expecting and EVER conscious of the truth that Jesus Christ can come anytime and with each passing day, that ‘anytime’ is getting closer and closer. Our main ambition should be spiritual. As we grow in all other areas of life, we should be striving to deepen our personal loyalty to God. We should be moving to a place of consistent Christ-likeness. In short, we should live every day as if it were our last cos the truth is, it just might be. And it will be so sad if your time comes and you are not ready because you were busy achieving temporal goals. That would be such a sad waste of life and time.

Yes, that would be an immeasurable tragedy.

Please think about it.

P. S. Read the book of Revelations. It will help. I will share more on tthe benefits of doing this later on. Dr. Okey Onuzo is right, when you read this book of the Bible, even if you do not understand it all, you KNOW you do not want to be in the 'second batch'. You must make The Rapture.


  1. I have been reading the book of revelation and its confusing. Does it give account of what will happen after the rapture or before the rapture. The beast, the seven trumpets and all of that.

    Sometimes, I wonder if those things are already happening. May I not miss heaven!

    Then again, making heaven is not an easy task!

  2. Hello Aseni, The book of Revelations, as Dr. Onuzo taught me, is a prophecy. So, as the bible says about prophecies, when we prophesy, we can only know 'in part' so no matter how we try to break this book dowm, we will not understand it ALL. However, whether is is before, after or in the midle of the rapture, do we want to be among those left behind? I don't think so cos my dear, the Tribulation period will not be fun at all and there is not guarantee that you or I will survive that nightmare without giving up our faith.

    But join me, lets read it again and this time, ask him to show us what we personally need to know. Dr. Onuzo shared some of the benefits of reading this book and I will be posting on those later on by God's grace. But one of them is that it will surely drive us to live right by God.

  3. Our main ambition should be spiritual. Gbam!

    Amen to your prayers too.

    1. Yes, and I find that when we make that our main ambition, all the other ones we have will somehow still come to pass. Putting God first elevates us still cos God likes to do 'shakara' with his own.

      But then again, it is not easy. SO funny Aseni said it too cos Dr. Onuzo confirmed one thing: Out Christian Life is a Struggle. Be not deceived. Thanks for coming by Dayor.

  4. Lately most of what I've been thinking is about ma spiritual life.
    I don't wanna miss that flight to heaven. I wanna learn more and be more like Christ. This walk is a walk of grace.

    Revelations. Some parts I understand ,others I don't. But each time I read it,am reminded that am just a passerby here on earth.
    Looking forward to what you would share from the Dr.

    1. And by getting that Tamie, I believe you are on the right course. That is what this book is all about. Moving us to a deeper loyalty to God so we can make heaven. Thanks for visiting me.

  5. We easily get distracted with accomplishing the things our eyes can see, and lose foresight of what is to come

    1. Indeed we do. I pray God uses this blog and any other means required to remind us all that THIS world is not our home.

  6. Thank you for this reminder. God bless you.

  7. Thanks fr d reminder @ a time like this when its so easy to get carried away just like in d days of Noah.I pray we all make it IJN.amen....when we all see Jesus,we'll sing and shout Victory.
    Just like that song by Donnie mcclurkin 'As long as there's you'


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