Saturday, 29 September 2012

What Excites You More?

What God does? Or Who God is?

Take some time and think about it like I did this morning. What gets your blood pumping more? Experiencing God's awesome move in your life or Understanding one of his attributes or characteristics in a new and mind boggling way? In short, what turns you on more about being a Christian?

Experiencing God's acts or Discovering his ways?

I was very quick on the draw with this at first. I felt that I was not crazy to be super-excited when I experienced God's incredible 'acts' in my life because it was through them that  I came into new awareness and understanding of his 'ways'.  For instance, when God healed my child, I understood him to be my loving and caring Father-God and Healer. When he provided for my family by sending a huge bulk order of ICE just at the right time, I saw him clearer as God, my Provider who was ever watchful and faithful towards his children. Makes sense, right? So was I so wrong to be more excited about his 'hands' rather then his 'face' if through his hands, I saw his face better?

Apparently I was not wrong per se. Just still a tad immature spiritually especially if most of my focus and expectation was on just seeing God move for me.

You may not agree but the bitter truth is that if all that gets our juices going is experiencing God's power as awesome as that is then we are lacking in spiritual maturity. So though my reasoning above seemed logical enough, I had to admit that it just signified that I had some more growing up to do as a Christian. The trait of the spiritually mature is that s/he is more excited about discovering more about who God is (with a view to becoming like him). Not what he can do. 

I don't want to be like the children of Israel who only knew God's acts. I want to be like Moses cos he knew not just the acts, he knew God's ways too. And you can see the difference when, in the desert, those people began to moan and complain at every little perceived impasse in spite of all the awesome feats God has wrought in their favour. When you only know God's acts, you have no spine. Any small negative wind and you collapse like a pack of cards. But when like David, you know God's ways and not just his acts, your trust and faith is resolute, regardless, cos you know that you know that you KNOW your God.

So, once again, I ask you?

What excites you more about God?

Your next testimony about what he has done or your next divinely revealed insight into who he is?



  1. For me it is learning more of His attributes that I discover self and who I am in Him...then I can appreciate His mighty acts when they are performed on our behalf

  2. Exactly. I was putting the cart before the horse. I know better now. Thanks Yvonne for dropping by.

  3. What He does for us helps us understand who He is better. So I guess they go hand in hand


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