Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Live in VGC? Join The ICE Club Today!

Be a part of the dream! Just buy ICE! 
First of all, for everyone who does not live in Victoria Garden City (VGC), e ma binu o!  Please no vex.  Soon and very soon, by the special grace of God, Akimaani Nigeria Limited will be able to extend this wonderful offer to other estates on the Lekki - Epe expressway axis and even beyond. For now, our humble beginnings must kick off in VGC.

So what juicy offer am I talking about?

Free Home Delivery of  ICEh20 for your water dispensers! 

Yes, you read right, if you live in VGC, we are now set to deliver 19.5 litre bottles of refreshing drinking water you can trust for your dispensers right to your doorsteps on a regular basis. All you have to do is sign up to be a member of the new ICE CLUB - VGC today and place your first order. It's that simple!

How do you sign up? 
Since I am the Ice ''Club Manager'' for now, send an email to me directly at (copying  stating the following:

1. Your name
2. Your cell phone number
2. Address (Road and House Number)
3. How many bottles you want for your first monthly order (minimum of three bottles).
Why should you sign up to be a member of the Ice Club - VGC?
1. It makes life easier for you because you don't have to go out carting dispenser bottles looking for water to buy anymore!

2. We deliver to you at N250 per bottle which means you don't pay for the actual bottles even with your first order. Most brands cost between N300 and N350 and they will charge you N800 for the bottle for first time purchases. So it's a win-win for you. You don't leave your home and it works out more cost effective. You've got to love it!

How do you pay?
Payment must be made upfront and in full for your monthly order. So if you need 10 bottles of ICE a month, you will pay in cash/via cheque for all 10 bottles when we deliver (even if you want to take your delivery in two batches of five each). You can also pay via online payment but this would have to be before delivery is made. 

Who owns the ICE dispenser bottles?
The bottles belong to Akimaani and as such cannot be swapped with other brand bottles. And if for some, hard to fathom reason, you decide to stop you order, you only need to give us back our ICE bottles and all is well. Do note too that where the bottles become damaged in your care, you will be charged the cost of the bottle (N800) *smiling* It is only fair now, abi?*

So there you have it. Need I say more? If you live in VGC and you use water dispensers in your home like I know many of you do and you are reading this right now, why on earth will you not sign up to be a member of the new ICE CLUB - VGC? I am sure you cannot think of any good reason so please go to your email right now and send me that mail. 

Thank you very much! *big grin*

P. S. You don't live in VGC? You can still be a part of the dream by sharing this blog with friends and family you know who do or by buying ICE from Ebeano @ Ikota, Rennies @ VGC or Goodies @ City Mall  and God bless you as you do!


  1. 'Many streams of income....' carry go, nothing do you, sister Salt.

    1. Yes o! Thanks Zee. There are many points of outflow so God has got to continue to make THE way for all the other ways o!

  2. hmmmm...she's going places
    thank God for you ma

    1. Thanks God indeed Sugarspring. Thank God for all out lives indeed. Still, as he promised, we have not seen anything yet, abi?

  3. On behalf of all non-VGC residents, we want to express our sincere displeasure, why were left we out of the ICE Club promo? We dey vex o. lol

    Wishing you the very best.

    1. Atary, ni tori Olorun, you were the first people I begged now! Lol! Please keep praying hard and before you know it, we will be in your area. Nothing is impossible with this our God. Thanks for your best wishes and for ocming by.


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