Thursday, 13 September 2012

Just Pray For Marilyn Please.

I  met Marilyn on Helium. I  used to write there often and when I did, I loved it and I made some cool money (which I have not been able to claim cos I don't have a paypal account) but it was so much fun. If you love to write, you really should check it out. Marilyn is a Christian woman who loves to write like me Unlike me, this vibrant woman is also a grandmother and boy does she love her kids and grand-kids! We have never met but when she prays for me, tears come to my eyes cos I know how much she is dealing with and for her to take time out of her issue filled life to pray for me touches me so deeply. 

Marilyn lives in Florida and based on her last mail to me, she needs my prayers. Even if I did not know it, she told me so. I read the litany of stuff she is dealing with and it just 'pass me'. All day today, as I went about my chores, I kept raising her name to  my PapaGod - Lord, please send helpers to Marilyn. Please - I ask you now to please join me. Please, pray for her.  Pray for her health. Pray that her children will find gainful employment and pray that help will come to fix up her home. If I could figure out how to get Extreme makeover, Home edition to  her side, I would. Trust me, I have tried. 

But as much as I love Ty and his team I love and trust God more. Please just spare a minute and pray for my friend from Helium.She is such a believer and I would love nothing more than for God to move in her life right now! Yesterday, God changed the doctor's negative report about my father in love to a positive one so I know that if we cry on to him for Marilyn and her family, he will hear us. So, let's cry please. Cry as the spirit of God leads you. God hears and when he hears, he moves.

PapaGod, please move for my Helium sista-friend, Marilyn Wilkes who always prays so fervently for me. Now is the time to reward her Lord. Yes, now is Marilyn's set time. In Jesus name. Amen.

P. S. Sometimes, when you have so many issues of your own, that is the best time to take your focus off your self and place it on someone else in need. I tell you, it works.


  1. will pray for her..afterall, what are christian sisters..rather families help one another and carry each other's burden..
    God bless u for doing this..amen.
    beautiful post

    1. Exactly. Thanks Sugarspring. I truly appreciate it. I know our God, he will hear and he will answer in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you love. Thank you so so so much. God will hear us all. For Marilyn. For you. For me. In Jesus name. Amen! He is ever faithful.

  3. I will pray for her...while praying for others,God will be taking care of your business as well.

  4. Jehovah Overdo, the God that I serve, will surely surprise her...He's the giver of life, hope and strength! Marilyn will send you her testimony very soon...God never fails...

  5. Amen o Mr. Inspiration. I cannot wait to hear from her and know that God has done what he always does! Thank you so much!


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