Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I Am Jealous Of Myself (OR Happy Birthday Mrs. Gaska!)

Aburo mi Owon, Hapi Bornday!
I am jealous of myself. 

Is that even possible, you ask. Well, I think it is cos I know I am. Yes, I take a look at myself and I just want to be 'me' some more. True, sometimes I find it hard to accept me for who I am. Sometimes, I wonder why God even has my time. And sometimes, I really don't get me at all even if I know that all I really want in this life is to please God and be like him in all my ways. But you see, the 'me' that I am jealous of right now is the' me' that has been blessed with the good fortune to have a sister like my sister. 

Yes, my baby sister, my 'first born child', my Mrs Gaska. Eyeluwashola, omo Prof Adefolalu, aya Kuba Gaska! My one and only Aburo, the face of my 2011 Diary - Shola Gaska! You rock jo! Yes, having you in my life makes me so proud of God and so jealous of me. Happy Birthday my love! Happy Birthday! Wow! Can you believe it? You are how old? How one earth can that be? I still remember carrying you around the quadrangle back then in QC showing you off to all my friends and school mothers! You were just the cutest nine month old baby ever! How can you be this grown woman all married and sassy and full of African Goddess pizazz! It can only be God and it is on him that I truly brag today for keeping you safe and beautiful all these years.

But you know what? The real reason I am jealous of me is the simple fact that in spite of all I have seen, good and bad, nothing has been able to permanently shake me to the point that I quit believing in God and knowing that his love for me is eternal. As I celebrate my sister today and send her oodles of love on her birthday, it is my earnest prayer that nothing you ever go through will ever push you to that point either. God loves us. Period. And nothing can ever shake that love. It is boundless and forever.

Just like the love I have for my sister, my aburo, Mrs. Gaska who is a year older today. Happy Birthday Sholly. Rock your day o jare. Watch those DVDs Kuba so lovingly bought for you, enjoy that junk food binge. YOLO! Lol! And raise the roof to the glory of the God that has given you one more year. To him alone be all the praise, glory and honour!
I love you so much but nothing gives me more comfort than the knowledge that God loves you way more. Way more.

I wo wa!

Your Egbon!


  1. Happy birthday to your sister. This love is something else.

    you're making me wish i had an elder sister Like you ohh DNW...ahn ahn..
    this is beautiful, its good to celebrate your sister.
    and yes, it is good to trust God. it is not easy oo especially when the odds arises but it is a strong anchor for the soul, never shaking..the rock, a solid foundation of our foundation. we are like that man baba Jesus talked about that built his house on the rock and when the storms and etc came up to shake up, we stood our ground.

    1. We stand our ground. Regardless. Always as God helps us.
      I am glad the love I have for my sister is apparent via this blog. Honestly? I can never fully express in words how much I love my sister. Ditto for my children. The greatest blessing is that in a way it shows me a bit how much God loves me. Loves you. Inexpressible love.

  3. Chris from Wroclaw12 March 2013 at 10:04

    Happy birthday Shola. This is coming like almost a year late, but not that late. I bet you'll never guess who is writing. It's bro Chris who used to be in Wroclaw. Still can't figure it out?! Remember one bro who encouraged you in writing stories? Well I am still into reading your stories. Maybe I'll find some on the net. Nie wiedzialem ze sie pobralas. Gratulacje. Dowiedzialem widzac twoje zdjecie na Facebook. God bless.

    1. Wow! Just seeing this post myself! Lol! Thanks Chris from Wroclaw!

  4. What a beautiful love. But like you said Salt, "I love you so much but nothing gives me more comfort than the knowledge that God loves you way more. Way more." May God comfort you heart ma, over this loss. Only Him can and He will.

  5. God will strengthen you my sis...such a great loss!!!


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