Friday, 28 September 2012

Factory/Operations Manager Wanted @ ICE

Are you 'The One' we seek?
Do you or anyone you know have what it takes to run and manage a bottled water production factory? Do you think you have the required supervisory, decision-making, basic accounting and interpersonal skills for the job? Do you have guts, drive and a passion to succeed? Or do you know someone who does? Then you or this person need to send your one page resume to as soon as you can.

The drinking water production/bottling arm of Akimaani Nigeria Limited, our family business, is looking to hire an Operations/Factory Manager and you just might be 'The One'

I am saying one page because I cannot do London GCE reading pages and pages of  stuff so please spare me. If you have the required educational background and personal abilities, one page is enough for me to get a sense of that.  Relevant work experience supervising/managing people in a similar environment would be great but not a deal breaker cos my mgm is prepared to train this person to become a top notch Manager as long as the raw material is there.  A first degree would also be an advantage but an OND/HND with a strong character and visible leadership/managerial potential will be considered over the BA/BSc. holder who lacks passion and drive!

The age range for this role is 28 to 35 years old but if you are a bit younger but feel you can 'soldier' a factory of mostly non-educated operations/labour workers/drivers, then by all means, come and prove it to us. Err....before you send it that resume, please let me warn you:

1. This job is NOT for the wanna be 'nice guy or gal'. They will eat you live, these workers!
 2. This job is located in Epe but decent accommodation will be provided for you (and your family if required).
3. Working hours are not cast in stone right now but we are not crazy people, you will get to go home eventually. Lol. Just kidding but just bear in mind that it is a tough job. Still, my mgm is still alive so it cannot be all that bad. Lol!
4. If you send in a two page resume, you will not be considered.
5. If you send in a resume with no phone number or email address, you will not be considered.
6. You will earn a really decent fixed salary plus sales commissions (terms and conditions are however negotiable) but only after we feel you are a likely fit for the job. And may I say that water business is a really lucrative one.....but to earn it, you have to work hard for it.

So that is about it and as you well know, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further chats/discussions.

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  1. Just seeing this. Have you gotten someone yet? I have a candidate in mind


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