Saturday, 15 September 2012

Ewu Verandah Pole! (OR Choose Love Instead)

The devil is a goat. As Chief Zebrudayah would say, he is just an ewu verandah pole! I really do not know why we let him get away with all his shenanigans in our lives. Personally, it is one of the things that upsets me the most. The number of times I let that goat steal my peace. How far? I should know better, right?

Yes, we should know better. We should know better than to allow a mere goat exert so much power over our lives, our emotions! We are kings and queens. We are a chosen generation. We have THE King living on the inside of us. Yet, we allow a mere goat tied to the pole of a verandah mess with us. If it was not so shameful, it would be funny.

This past two days or so, this goat 'tried' me. He could see me rejoicing over a recent awesome testimony where God's word totally slayed the doctor's report. He could see the doors opening up to me for my books in new ways. He could see how the evil he planned for me was incredulously turning out for my good and he began to foam at the mouth. As usual, he did what he knows to do best. He threw sand in my garri. Or so he thought.
I cannot say that I reacted well from the get go but even if I was blindsided by the enemy's moves, the important thing is that I refused to allow the goat have the final say. I chose not to buy any of his lies. I might have fled for a mile or two but when I came to my senses, when I remembered who I was in Jesus Christ, I stopped  running, turned around, faced that goat with a stick and smacked that stupid goat on its stupid head! Yes, I showed the devil that he could not take away what God had given me. I showed the devil that love is bigger and better. I am bigger and better!

So even though I wanted to remain upset and hurt and mad as hell, I chose love instead.
Even though I wanted to remain pained and hopeless and depressed, I chose love instead
I tell you I really wanted to lash out more, hit back more, fight more but I chose love instead 
(OK, true maybe I did do all of the above a little but at least I repented eventually *sheepish look*)
Eventually, I chose love instead. And in so doing, I showed the devil that I was bigger, better than 'it'
He was, is and will always be a simple ewu verandah pole. Perpetually defeated.
I, on the other hand, am and always will be Salt, a woman of God, beloved of the most High Jehovah, shackled to Christ. Perpetually victorious. Come on! How great is that!

As long as you and I choose to act in love, we will always be bigger. Better. 
So please,  as God help us, let's always strive to be better than a goat tied to a verandah pole!

Let's choose to be and do Love.



  1. LOL..that phrase always gets me :) All the best dearie, your joy is assured. All the best!

  2. Thank you for smacking his stupid head.

    1. My dear! And I will keep on smacking it oh!

  3. I know. I used to love listening to Chief Zebrudaya! Thanks Myne.


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