Friday, 17 August 2012

The Family Altar as a WoMD.

I am a mom and I am not sure there are many things that warm my heart more than when I hear my children praying. Life had snuffed out our family altar but recently we brought it back to life. I am so thankful to God we did. People, please set up a family altar. I cannot tell you enough about the benefits of having one especially if you have children. I personally believe that God takes special time out to answer prayers by children so please teach your children to pray. Please. Tonight, I am going to bed a peace filled one woman cos I know what my children are thankful to God for. They are thankful to God for things that money cannot but and it warmed my heart to hear them say it. More importantly, it warmed my heart to know that they were able to recognize that these things were just 'because of God'. And I knew only because my mgm re-set up the family altar.

Yes, please set up your family altar and make sure your family prays every day. Morning and Night. I know it sounds daunting but it is worth it. Just now, my children and I prayed for our family and I just know that God heard us. How come? Cos my children gave him thanks first of all before I prayed. God pays special attention to our children so please teach your kids to pray. There is so much evil out there and one sure weapon of mass destruction we have in our arsenal is prayer. Especially prayer lifted up by children. For the family.

I know, it is hard but just do it. I know, time is tight, but just do it. I know, you are tired but just do it. Just pray. Just set up that family altar. Just get your family to pray every morning and every night. Even if it is just for fifteen minutes. Just do it. Please. The enemy is raging and your family altar is your one sure weapon of mass destruction (WoMD). With it, your family will fight off the enemy's SKUD (Steal, Kill and Destroy) missiles.

N. B. So you are a young couple and have no kids yet. Great, begin now to pray every morning and every night. Please. By the time your kids come, it will be so engrained in you that your children will surely imbibe your own prayer habits......because they will see mommy and daddy do it and before they can even speak, they will know what is important to you. Prayer. For it is our only power.


  1. this is so ture. when we are growing up, mornings were our personal quiet time and then evenings the whole family came together to pray. ANother thing i have decided to teach my kids is that they shouldnt be afraid to ask God any question. they should learn that he is approachable and will always be there for them.

  2. Yes, all God's kids, ages eight to eighty, ought to know this. The one person we can be real with is our PapaGod. Thanks Ibifiri, for coming by.

  3. Wonderful advise sis. My family and I started to do this seriously about 4 years ago and I tell you, whether it is a five minute or a thirty minute prayer session, the benefits to them and to the family as a whole cannot be quantified. What we do and what I would encourage is that in the mornings, dad or mum leads prayers. At night the children take turns to lead prayers on different days. Every so often we ask them to pray about very specific issues. Every so often, especially at weekends, we bring everyone in the house together and pray over specific request that they might have. I have also learnt that there is great benefit in asking your children (ESP the teenagers) how they want their lives to play out and then asking them to pray openly for themselves. It becomes much more personal to them this way.
    Is this an easy thing to do? No! It certainly is not! However one of the things that keeps us going is the desire to see our children do well and make it to heaven. What sense would there be if we make it and they don't because we didn't give them the right foundation? That's what keeps us going. So pls start today and don't be distracted by the interruptions hat will suddenly come your way. Insist on it. Insist that the devil will not steal this from you. The Lord will help us all IJmN! Amen


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